Purpose of different kind of shutters for your home

The window shutters are available in many forms. Whether practical or decorative, they ensure the comfort and security of a home. Whether it is during a renovation or for new construction, the choice of such a device for windows is very important.

For your home, you will probably ask yourself the question of the shutters to place. We will try to enlighten you according to certain criteria which may be more important to you than others.

The most common shutters model has four categories:

  • Swing shutter: the classic shutters that are push to open type and fold once pulled.
  • Sliding shutter: more modern, the shutters slide along the wall.
  • Foldable shutter: the shutters fold in the window frame.
  • Roller shutter: also called “blind”, the roller shutters descend along with the window.

What you need to know about swing shutters

The swing shutter type is the best-known type of shutter. Inexpensive and simple to maintain. It provides you with very good value for money for an installation that will last over time. Besides, being simple to install and very effective in thermal and acoustic insulation, we understand why the swing shutter is the number 1 choice all over the globe. The swing shutter is available in different materials (PVC aluminum wood). However, wood is the most used.

If, like the majority of households, you choose to have wooden shutters installed on your windows, know that its maintenance will be simple. This type of shutter will require a simple coat of paint or varnish depending on the desired appearance. Maintenance is carried out between 5 and 10 years following exposure to the sun and rain.

For less maintenance, you would rather opt for PVC or aluminum shutters. Aesthetically, the shutter is presented either full or perforated (louvers). However, the shutters (which let in light) make the shutterless efficient in terms of heat and less resistance to burglary.

The motorization for this type of shutter is quite possible. The price for installing swing shutters can vary from less than $200 for the most basic up to several hundred dollars for the most resistant and motorized.

What you should know about roller shutters

Roller shutters can be made of aluminum, wood or PVC. They are practical, simple to maintain and provide good insulation. Automatic or manual, they are also anti-break-in, anti-lifting, and anti-tearing. In other words, very good protection against break-ins.

In very cold weather, you can close your shutters without opening the window. The roller shutter requires little maintenance. Moreover, in the case of automatic roller shutters, maintenance is facilitated because the shutter box is visible and placed outside the house, which is also a good asset in case of renovation.

To install roller shutters at home, count between $250 – $1000 depending on the number of options, dimensions, and desired materials.

What you should know about sliding shutters

Choosing sliding shutters is above all, a choice of design and aesthetics. Indeed, the sliding shutters are a modern and contemporary alternative (and more expensive, as we say) to the classic swing shutters.

Just as robust as the swing shutters, the sliding shutters also provide good security for your home. The sliding shutters can be shaped in any material: wood, aluminum or PVC.

They can be found full or perforated, motorized or not. Mounted on a guide rail, its maintenance is a little heavier than for the other types of shutters, since a regular check of the rail and the anti-derailment system must be carried out.

A sliding shutter will cost you around $400 to $1200 depending on the materials chosen and its characteristics.

What you should know about folding shutters

The folding shutters can be made of PVC, wood or aluminum. Full or openwork, the folding shutters are more discreet once opened because they will fold up on the paintings of the bay. They are often custom-built to meet the specific needs of a window with non-standard dimensions.

On the other hand, folding shutters have a few more drawbacks: they are fragile at the hinges, less safe against break-ins and cannot be motorized.

The main criterion deals with security; therefore, the safest components are the priority?

If no shutter suffers from a lack of security, we could still advise the roller shutters which remain probably the safest shutters from a security point of view. Indeed these have for the majority anti-picking and anti-tearing options, and we could speak of folding shutters which, on the contrary, do not benefit from equal security. Therefore, we will advise less on the main criterion based on security.

Insulating shutters to save on my energy bill

For the insulation, two criteria are to be taken into account: the material and the type of shutter.

For materials, wood is theoretically the most efficient option in terms of insulation. PVC shutters remain an attractive option that is also better than aluminum. However, we must compare what is comparable. The high-end aluminum will be better than the first price wood. Either way, you have to rely on energy labels. Learn more about the facts of shutter to save money on an energy bill.

As for the type of shutter, the roller shutter seems quite naturally to impose itself as the most insulating.

What are the cheapest shutters?

Even if all materials are available at low prices and in all types, it still recommends avoiding buying first price shutters because it should not be forgotten that the shutters must be a durable, resistant and protective solution for your facade. In general, we would rather advise you to orient yourself towards accessible PVC with good overall performance.

Resistant and easy to maintain shutters?

To choose your shutters that are easy to maintain, we do not recommend wood, which even if it is very insulating, requires a coat of stain every two years for its maintenance. PVC and aluminum shutters do not require any particular maintenance and will, therefore, be good solutions if you do not want to worry about the maintenance of your shutters.


Shutters are an integral part of the exterior appearance of your home. The different types of shutters will meet your specific needs in terms of protection but also terms of aesthetics and harmonization of your accommodation. Thus, you will find several ranges of shutters and materials available on the market made available to you according to your desires and your needs.

For resistance over time, wood and PVC are good solutions as long as you do not opt ​​for the first price, but the most resistant material will be aluminum. So if you want resistant and easy to maintain shutters, you can opt for aluminum shutters, resistant and without any particular maintenance.