Monday, October 3 , 2022

Questions no one knows the answers to….

The message here is a great one for Buddhists. Although this talks about a parallel subject to finding yourself, one can easily apply the same curiosity technique in search of truth.  Prince Siddhartha was very curious on everything he interacted with. He was very inquisitive in finding the truth and the meaning of life. He was determined seeking the truth of life. Becoming a Buddha, a state where you get the full understanding of life and how this universe operates.

What we can think of with what we know is that, then the technology and the knowledge wasn’t as good as it is today. But Buddha was able to improve his capacity of the brain and mind to see things beyond what others could see and ultimately attaining Buddhahood. However, today we have what he taught about universe from the scratch and the modern science so far has not proved anything that Buddha said about universe is wrong.

Credit -TED