Thursday, September 29 , 2022

Rajasthan- A Plethora Of Cultures

Rajasthan Villages
The historical state of Rajasthan also known as the Rajputana, displays a plethora of art and culture apart from the rich historical sites. Starting from Forts built under the reign of the Rajputs to an infinite variety of art and craft showing extraordinary craftsmanship, Rajasthan has become a popular tourist and a historical site over the years. The best and most authentic cultural traditions are however best exhibited within the remote villages in the popular cities like Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner of Rajasthan which has managed to retain their authenticity in spite of the forces of urbanization.
Following are the popular village tours in Rajasthan which are famous for different Rajasthani delicacies, attires, ornaments and festivals.

1. Bishnoi Village

A quiet and dainty village located near Jodhpur that exhibits the best pottery in Rajasthan. The village derives its name from the Hindu God “Vishnu” and is often known for celebrating a range of Hindu festivals. Tourists might come across various interesting ways in which the natives conserve their natural resources to fight the acute scarcity of water. One is also sure to find a number of wildlife species like chinkaras, cranes, and different varieties of bulls in and around the villages. The local delicacy of daal bati churma is often served to every visitor with extreme warmth. Dotted by mud huts with thatched roofs all around the village, the locals, often known as the Bishnoi Tribe exhibits their excellence in mud works through both pottery and different ornaments. Tourists should also look forward towards visiting the Bishnoi village safari to know more about the popular culture of the bishois and the dhannis.

2. Bijaypur Village

This is one of the most popular villages in Rajasthan because of its rich cultural heritage and spectacular geographical location. Located at the foothills of the Vindhyas, the village houses the famous bijaipur castle, which was built by Rao Vijay Singh, the sibling of Maharana Pratap. This castle has now been transformed into a luxury hotel for the tourists to make their stay in the village memorable. The scenic beauty of the village overlooking the Vindhyas create a spectacular experience for the tourists. The village also comprises of the Chittorgarh fort, the Panagarh lake and a number of other heritage sights, displaying the splendid aura of Rajput reign. Tourists should also look forward to visiting the age old horse stables and the famous forest safari to get a glimpse of lush green

3. Chandelao Village

Located at a distance of 60 km from the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, this village exhibits the typical culture of Rajasthan when it comes to the layout of the village. The village comprises of a fort and a few temples which are a major tourist attraction. Tourists also get the opportunity to experience an exotic crafts site called the Sunder Rang located just in the front of the fort. Overall, the warmth of the food and the culture attracts a huge crowd to get a taste of nature and culture all at the same time. Tourists can either choose to stay at the hotels or even lookout for local havelis and huts for a day or two.

4. Kumbhalgarh Fort

One of the most exciting villages with the maximum number of sightseeing spots is the Kumbhalgarh village, located at a distance of 80 km from Udaipur. Starting from the iconic kumbhalgarh fort, tourists can take a tour around the village, experiencing some of the magnificent pieces of history. The village comprises of the mamma dev temple, the badal mahal and the neelkanth mahadeo temple, this fragment of Rajasthan has an enormous variety of architecture to give to its tourists. One can take caravans or even camels to reach the spot from Udaipur which is not only adventurous but lets you see a lot of other sites on your way.

5. Mandawa Village

Mandawa village in the shekhawati district of Rajasthan is often regarded as the smallest town in the entire state. Tourists should visit the place to experience the most elaborate havelis along with authentic Rajasthani paintings. The village contributes to a great nationalist sentiment too. Visit the Murmuria haveli for great architectural aesthetics where the walls comprise of different painting along with the painting of Jawaharlal Nehru hoisting the tricolor flag of India. The haveli also has a camel rampn and an age old well used by the rulers centuries ago. Owing to its aesthetic beauty, this village is often used as a shooting spot in many Bollywood films.

If you are a traveler or a foodie by passion, or just an appreciator of exotic crafts, touring in the villages of Rajasthan should be a must in your wish list. Delve into the most authentic churma followed by the daal bati and gate ki sabzi, get the true essence of non-commercialized craftsmanship along with historical forts to make it a spectacular tour.