Saturday, December 3 , 2022

Raksha Bandhan: An Occasion Embellished Well With Tradition & Rakhis…

Once again everyone is in a hurry in preparing for the most awaited festival which celebrates the joy of brotherhood and siblinghood. Raksha Bandhan also abbreviated as Rakhi, is the festival which holds a very special and important place in Hindu tradition and culture. It is basically celebrated to commemorate the relationship and bonding of siblings. This festival is included in Hindu festival list and every year. It celebrated with the same enthusiasm and zeal all over India. If you have a brother who is dwelling in the USA, then this year send online Rakhi to USA and surprise your brother on this Raksha Bandhan through online Rakhi stores.
But do you have any idea about when and why this festival is celebrated? If not, then you must scroll down and enhance your knowledge.

Why does Raksha Bandhan celebrate?

There are many legendary stories which account for the origin of the festival of Raksha Bandhan. This occasion is meant to celebrate the joy and bonding of any type of brother-sister relationship which need not be blood-related. There are many mythological stories through which you can know the actual and real meaning of the festival of Rakhi. Some of them are listed below:
Indra and Sachi
This is a unique story which will tell you that a wife has tied Rakhi on the wrist of her husband in order to protect him from the demons in a war.
King Bali and Goddess Laxmi
Goddess Laxmi has tied a vermilion thread around the wrist of the demon king Bali in order to take her husband, Lord Vishnu, back to his native place.
Santoshi Maa
This is the most interesting story of all. Once upon a time, the two sons of Lord Ganesha were frustrated that they have no sister, and they requested their father to give them one sister whom they will love and take care. Then Santoshi Maa is originated from the flames, and this day is celebrated as Raksha Bandhan.
Now, by reading such interesting stories, you must have a changed perception of this one-day festival. Let us take you a step ahead and close to the tradition. So you have any idea when this festival is celebrated? Of course in August but when? Don’t scratch your head and scroll down for the answer:

When does Raksha Bandhan celebrate?

If we dive deep in our tradition and culture and talk about the Hindu calendar, then Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the month of Shravana which falls on the last day of Lunar Calendar. Raksha Bandhan also marks the beginning of the Rainy season. This occasion, which is celebrated on the full moon day, has its imprints not only in India but also in many foreign countries due to the wide heritage, culture, and rituals which embellish the Rakhi Festival.
Now, you have gained much knowledge about Raksha Bandhan. But how can we forget about the most indispensable part of Raksha Bandhan i.e., Rakhi?

Importance of Rakhi

Rakhi is not merely a band; it is a bond which holds the siblings together for a lifetime. Every year on Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a sacred thread around the wrist of your brother and pray for his well-being and in return brothers with many unspoken words, promises their sisters to be with them in every up and down of life and to protect her from every harm.

Rakhi: Blended with Modernity and Tradition

You must have noticed your grandparents tying a vermilion thread as Rakhi. But now the Rakhis have evolved much with the changing time and also with the changing taste of people. You can find hundreds of Rakhi designs available in markets as well as in online stores.
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So, this year, have a wonderful and knowledgeable Rakhi celebration and also enhance the Knowledge of your younger brothers and sisters.