Saturday, October 1 , 2022

Is It Really Money That Motivate Us?

Human nature is not what we have been told.

Is It Really Money That Motivate Us?

I couldn’t contain my excitement while watching this video because this is what I have always felt to be true. Not to mention it is now backed by a legitimate study!

Many people love to blame “Human Nature” for the state of our world. It is believed that we are inherently greedy and that money is our primary source of motivation, whether it is to do good or not so good stuff. Yet my intuition always told me that modern society has nothing to do with human nature but with human CONDITIONING.

Think about it: it takes on average 20 years, starting from a very early age, to shape us into so-called “functional members of society.” And why not add a daily dose of “television programming” into the mix! Making money and consuming is sold to us as our reason for being alive. But just how natural is it to value pieces of paper more than the health of the planet sustaining us?

How natural is it to spend a lifetime working at repetitive jobs we don’t like simply to make money to survive? Is there more to life than this? I absolutely believe so.

Enjoy this awesome RSA Animate adapted from a Dan Pink’s talk.

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