Reasons why Nandi Hills is an ideal place for Corporate team outings








After a week of tirelessly working, meeting deadlines, and using up all the creativity for weeks to months – a relaxing break, even a weekend getaway sounds like a great deal. Everybody deserves a nice break and an outing with your corporate folks is a great way to escape the four walls of your office world and to surround yourself with a natural setting to relax and reconnect with nature. And when you are the big boss of a company, giving your employees a chance to explore new areas, new surroundings through corporate outings will only help employees to regain their energy, recharge from the mundane life, and to bond with their peers.

And if you are looking for a spot for a team outing in Bangalore, there is no better place than Nandi Hills. Located 60 kilometers from Bangalore, Nandi Hills, also renowned as Nandidurga, is one of the most famous destinations around the city for corporate outings that are organized by some of the big companies in Bangalore. Encompassed by sweeping views, lush vegetation, and multiple activities to indulge in, this place has turned out to be a popular option to hold team outings. In this article, we discuss why Nandi Hills is an ideal place for corporate team outings.

  1. A chance to let go amidst nature

A perfect getaway from all the hustle, bustle, and chaotic, and mundane life of the city, Nandi Hills a great nature’s haven. The whole drive to the location boasts empty streets, abundant greenery, and only silence, which feels like a zen moment. Nandi betta gives the team a chance to break free from the computers, paperwork, files, etc and just surround themselves in the lap of nature.

  1. It is an easy escape from Bangalore

An ideal and a peaceful getaway spot for an office day out, Nandi Hills is situated just 60 kilometers from Bangalore – which is mostly popular for its traffic that every single employee battle and race against time to get to work each day. And when it comes to a day out with the team members, the firms make sure the journey is shorter in the distance so that the teams can have a gala time throughout the day.

  1. Luxury resorts creating fun, thrilling experiences

A corporate team outing is all about giving an opportunity so that the employees break away from the usual deadline, routines, etc, by indulging in some fun, adventurous activities. Although there are multiple adventure resorts for corporates in and around Bangalore, what stands out, especially when it comes to its world-class services, luxury amenities, and activities offered, is the Discovery Village. Employees on a day out here typically get to work on team-building activities and a chance to re-energize thoroughly amidst nature.

  1. Attractions and overnight activities

One of the popular attractions one must-see on their visit is Lord Shiva’s bull – Nandi, which is Kailasa’s guardian deity. Along with this, there is the Tipu’s Drop, Amrita Sarovar, Nandishwara, and so many more. As you explore the attractions, you can also enjoy the mythological and historical stories that were established around the hill. And your trip to Nandidurga isn’t complete without checking out the waterfalls and the viewpoint.

It is also a great destination for trekking along the path through the misty forests, catching the golden sunrise, and sleeping under the stars. Even though trekking can seem a bit challenging for beginners, it is a great way to face new challenges and gain new perspectives. Firms usually organize several activities for the employees during the evenings such as game nights, campfire, etc, to keep things riveting.

  1. Test your limits with adventure activities

Everyone knows this by now. Nandi Hills is synonymous with picturesque scenery and perfect solitude. But that is not all that Nandi Hills is known for. It is also popular for its adventure sports activities. By taking part in such activities, companies allow the employees to be a part of the adventure and also enable them to know what adventure truly feels like. Here, employees can partake in multiple activities such as mountain biking, paragliding, nature walks, and more. By experiencing new things, employees build a lot of confidence and motivation to tackle their day-to-day lives.

From charming villages, historical sites to magnificent grasslands, scenic vistas, waterfalls, and trekking trails, Nandi Hills is a tranquil spot situated less than 2 hours from Bangalore – making this a great weekend destination to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.