Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn Kratom – Effects and Dosage

Red Horn Kratom

One of the rarest forms of kratom to come across is Red Horn Kratom. This type of strain is found in Southeast Asian countries and it is grown in limited numbers, unlike other popular kratom. One of the reasons it is harder to come by is because it is more difficult to cultivate and grow.

They call it the Red Horn kratom because its leaves look “spikey” around the edges, the pointed tip that looks like a “horn”, and its red veins that run across the leaf. Oftentimes, people believe that this kratom is a hybrid of the ever-popular Maeng Da kratom, but it is not. It’s its own unique and rare strain, which makes Red Horn Kratom that much more valuable for pain soothing benefits, read more here.

This kratom strain is a true classic red, with all the great benefits such as relaxation, mental and physical energy boost, as well as gives off an opiate-like “high” if taken at a lower dosage.

We will take a look at the effects users claim to experience and recommended dosages for the desired effect of this unique and rare White Thai Kratom, click here for more info.

What is Red Horn Kratom’s effects I can probably expect to feel?

As mentioned, this strain can provide classic red kratom effects. But, many users have said how this strain can become unpredictable in its effects. It really depends on where you’re getting your kratom from and how its grown and cultivated.

There are users who say that they feel similar effects of painkillers. If you have mild or chronic pain such as joint pain or arthritis, backaches and headaches, you can feel it work its soothing effects throughout your body. This is because of the alkaloid content and its attachment to brain receptors, making the neurons send signals throughout the body to feel relaxed. It numbs the chronic pain, in a sense.

Another effect is feeling physically and mentally energized. Many Red Horn users say they feel they have more energy when taking this kratom, and they are able to focus more on their work. It gives them energy similar to coffee, but is much more natural and won’t give you that jittery feeling if taken at the correct dosage. Of course, it also depends on where you get it from as you may have a much different experience.

Some people claim that this Red Horn kratom gives them a super-relaxed feel! It “chills” them out and they’re able to feel a total relaxation that can be great for taking before bed for a good night’s sleep. As mentioned, this can vary depending on the amount you take as well.

Since kratom is a stimulant, some notice a euphoric feeling. This can be you feel happy and positive, so if you feel that you’re experiencing some stress or minor anxiety, this can possibly aid in giving you that desired feeling of euphoria. The best part is it’s all-natural.

Recommended Dosage

Different dosages of Red Horn Kratom can create different effects on both the body and mind. Here are some recommended dosages to take into consideration:

  • For beginners – Start with 1.5-2 grams, you can gradually take more once you know your body’s reaction to it and how much you feel the effects.
  • Moderate effect for energy– About 2-4 grams.
  • Stronger effect for pain – A dosage of 4-6 grams

Anything higher than the dosages are at your own discretion. It really will vary from person to person what effects you’ll experience at a certain dosage. It’s best to get to know your body’s reaction and go from there.


With the beauty of online shopping, you can be able to get your hands on this rare and unique kratom that is still yet to be fully understood in all the great benefits it has to offer.

If you’re able to get your hands on this kratom, just make sure you’re purchasing from reputable and trustworthy kratom sellers!