Relieve Your Dry Eyes By Using Heated Eye Masks

Have you ever considered trying a heated eye mask for dry eyes? Many people have worn one to bed and are taking advantage of the many benefits that come with it. If nothing else seems to be providing relief for your dry and irritated eyes, you might want to consider trying a heated eye mask for some extra care.

How Does Heat Help With Dry Eyes?

Heat adds moisture to your dry eyes and makes them feel better quickly. It’s known to soften the eyes’ meibum, which is an oily substance the meibomian glands produces to prevent the eye’s tear film from evaporating. A softer meibum flows freely and creates a more robust oil film on the tear surface. As a result, tear evaporation is prevented.

Other Benefits of Heated Eye Masks

Besides providing relief for your dry eyes, heated eye masks can also benefit you in other ways. All these advantages help you get a better night’s sleep, which can make you feel better throughout the day. Below are some of the other positive effects you’ll notice if you start wearing a heated eye mask for dry eyes.

Reduces Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Many factors can contribute to puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes, including lack of sleep and hyperpigmentation. Heated eye masks improve the blood circulation in your eyes, which reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. You’ll be more well-rested and look less tired.

Eases Migraines and Headaches

Warmth is known to relax the muscles in your eyes, which can cause headaches and migraines when they become tense. Sleeping masks are perfect for those with constant migraines or light sensitivity since they block out all forms of light. They’re also known to help relieve sinus pressure and reduce inflammation.

Helps You Sleep Better

Wearing a heated eye mask to bed is also known to help improve your sleep quality. It does this by allowing your body to get more REM sleep while increasing your melatonin levels. Sleeping masks are good for promoting better and deeper sleeping while giving you good sleep patterns and balancing your hormones. Not to mention they’re soothing, which can make you feel more relaxed as you sleep.

Helps With Styes

You could get a stye on your eyelid when they become swollen from the oils in your eyelid glands clogging up. Heat can prevent them from swelling, which reduces your chances of a stye forming.

Prevents Swelling

The glands in your eyelids produce natural oils that can get thick or clumpy. After a while, they can cause your eyelids to become swollen. Applying a heated eye mask can thin those oils and help them drain easily, preventing swollen eyelids from occurring.

Are You Ready to Try a Heated Eye Mask for Dry Eyes?

Now that you know the benefits of wearing a heated eye mask for dry eyes, why not give it a try? You don’t have to keep living with the discomfort of dry eyes anymore. Heated eye masks are wonderful and effective solutions for restoring the moisture to your dry eyes and providing fast relief.