Remember, Finally, when she leaves that’s for good!

As you navigate through the rules & must do’s of modern-day dating, don’t you ever sit back & think that our generation is quite complicated. Unlike the golden days where guy meets girl, they fall in love, today’s approach is completely off the track with so many side avenues that finding the right one seems nearly impossible. However much we consider ourselves the cool kids and claim ourselves to be emotionally detached, as today’s trend expects us to be, we are at the core of it complete emotional beings. All of us, at the end of the day just want that person, our very own person. The key to finding that person lies within yourself.

Forget about all the mind games that magazines tell you to play. Stop being mysterious, stop trying to be the perfect balance of cute & sexy. Be yourself because that is what is going to last. Love your authentic self & when you do it, it attracts people to do the same, loves the real you. Find that one person whom you can be absolutely and shamelessly yourself around. When you grab hold of that person who loves you for what you are and forgives the misgivings of your personality because he loves you, stick to him. If you find a guy who belittles you for being emotional or being immature and makes you feel unworthy of love just because of that, the girl leaves his ass. 

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True your loved one is the shoulder you need to cry on but it is of utmost importance that your man is the first person you turn to when you have good news. If you ever doubt yourself and think you should not flaunt your achievements to him as he would feel that you are superior to him, then girl leave. 

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Nobody is perfect, as we all have our own misgivings & insecurities. Find that one person who knows that we all have our own daemons & is willing to grow with you fighting battles together. That person who makes you all light up just by their presence. The one who brings the best in your imperfect personality. That person who feels like home.

Find the Joker to your Harley, the Tom to your Jerry, the Jon to your Daenerys, the Nick to your Priyanka, the Ross to your Rachel and the Chandler to your Neurotic Monica.