Replacing vs Repairing locks: Learn from the best locksmith Northampton

When it comes to security, consideration about locks gets on the top. Sometimes we get confused about whether they need repair or complete replacement. The requirement of replacing, changing, on rekeying the locks depends on the situations, hardware conditions, and current demands. Replacement means when a locksmith replaces the old door lock and keys with new ones. Contrarily, rekeying means he makes some changes in the mechanism of the current lock hardware and provides you new keys.

Reasons when you should repair the lock

  1. Difficulty in using the key

If you require force to turn the key every time or it gets stuck frequently, it’s time to repair the lock. Avoid such cases that somewhere you end up sitting, being unable to remove it; Get it repaired today only from our trusted local locksmiths who would heighten your security standards in less time than you expect.

  1. Locks are affected by weather

If after the instant rain and scorching heat, your locks have got frozen and not letting the keys move neither right nor left, look for the mechanism to avoid the risk of sleeping without locking your home. It can happen anytime so make sure you consider the maintenance checks regularly. Moreover, do look for any rust or dust and ensure the cleaning periodically.

  1. Damaged keys

In some cases, it can happen that you have mistakenly thrown your keys in the non-reachable area, or they have broken, or anything permanently has happened to them. Here, the cost-effective solution is to get a new key and replace the springs and pins of the lock, which can work with the new key. Thus, you can manage the repair affordably and securely rather than replacing the whole hardware.

Reasons when you should replace the lock

  1. Keys are lost or stolen

Commonly, people lose their keys somewhere or another. Though you can get new keys for the same lock, it has a risk as the receiver of the old keys may intrude into your house or office easily. So to prevent a break-in, it is better to replace the lock in this case.

  1. Burglary has once happened

If your house or office has once been burglarized, the same thief or criminal can easily get back in twice. The lock would not have been left with enough protective shield. So, it is better to perform replacement by a good locksmith.

  1. You are new to the property

Moving to a new home means getting control of full security in your hands; Someone else or previous residents would be having keys for your door lock, thus, don’t forget to get new locks for your new residence to avoid any conflicts or doubts or accusations afterward.

Now you can find the relevance in your situation and the requirements. Remember, security is the most prominent part of a residency in Northampton. Therefore, don’t forget to be in touch with the best locksmith in Northampton both for the repair and replacement of the locks.