Monday, October 3 , 2022

A rescue dog becomes a hero after saving the life of a baby…

Watch out when your dog starts to behave awkwardly. More often than not they are telling you something. That can be something you as a human can never figure out. There’s a lot of talk about the sixth sense etc. But a small change in your puppy can lead to save a life and this is exactly what happened here.

Duke is such a good boy!!!! He is insanely obedient, so this was extremely bizarre. He had never acted like this before, according to the Brousseaus, so they knew something had to be wrong. When they went into their 9-week-old daughter Harper’s room to check on her, she wasn’t breathing.

If Duke hadn’t been so scared, we would have just gone to sleep,” Jenna Brousseau said of her heroic dog.

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