Monday, October 3 , 2022

This is why you should not ride elephants in Thailand. Please watch and share!

Next time you visit a country like Thailand, Burma, India or elsewhere and think of riding an elephant or taking a picture with an elephant, please remember this.

These poor animals do not know their strength or they know their strength but are much more mature than the men who beat them. Maybe these animals are much more developed in terms of their patience, innocence, not hating and not taking revenge. Sometimes I forget to realize who the animal here.

The only way we can make a change is by changing the attitude of everyone we know. By not contributing to the cruel industry in any way. Let’s go & see them in the wild but not as a captive elephant. Share with everyone who you know and ask them to remember this when they travel anywhere where this is an industry.

Source – A video that explains the torturous training of elephants for logging and tourism. Video made by the Animal Activist Alliance (AAA Thailand)