Thursday, September 29 , 2022

This Is How the Right Guy Will Love You

By: Alexis Tiffany

‘If only she had seen her worth, she would had stopped begging for crumbs of other people’s hearts…’ – Chishala Lishomwa

I know you may be thinking that this is the type of person you can never find simply because you feel like they don’t exist.

Don’t write this off because your heart feels damaged or was broken by someone who never knew how to love you or was so fucking afraid to.

If you feel like love and relationships are a string of broken promises and you’re sick of these bullshit love articles; this one is for you.

You are deserving of an amazing person.

We have to live our life knowing that we deserve someone who treats us like we are the best damn thing to ever happen to them.

I hope this is the person you fall in love with and who falls in love with you: 

Who looks into your eyes and see you for everything you are and still loves you for everything you are not.

Who never lets you fall asleep questioning who you are to them.

Who never lets the doubt of being unfaithful creep into your heart.

Who is always willing to show you off because they are so damn proud to have you.

Who appreciates you and never makes you feel like what you do for them goes unnoticed.

Who makes you laugh every damn day because they love to see you smile.

I hope you find the one person who is your absolute best friend.

Who makes you feel like you have a place and reason for being on this earth.

Who wants to help you grow and live up to your full potential.

Who spanks your ass and thinks you’re the sexiest person in the world.

Who will dance with your in the kitchen and sing with you in the shower.

Who brings you soup when you’re sick and does what they can to make you feel better.

Who wakes up on a Tuesday morning before you go to work and leaves the coffee on for you to wake up to.

Who never ever leaves the house without giving you a kiss.

Who cares about your health and your well-being more than your reflection in the mirror.

Who will be there by your side on the days that you hate to face alone.

Who will make you laugh when you feel like shutting down.

I’ll let you in on a secret- every day won’t be a good one. You’re going to have fights. Some days, you’ll be so annoyed with each other.

You will feel overwhelmed with life but none of this means that this person loves you any less.

If you go to bed ever feeling like they are not a blessing, they are not right for you.

If you can find someone who makes you feel like you are beautiful, deserving, and irreplaceable. Don’t ever leave. 

This is person who will love you with every piece of their heart, every fiber of their being, and till their last dying breath.

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