Safety Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Safe on the Motorcycles with You

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most refreshing experiences of your life. Not only do you become one with the machine through the clutch and throttle, but the experience of being on the road with the wind hitting you is something else altogether. 

Riding motorcycles can be a remarkably satisfying experience. If your kids asked they may ride with you, the first thing that comes to your mind is your kid’s safety. It would be better to ensure that they ride safely with you, and all you need to do is maintain the utmost safety standards at all times. 

It would also be best to lead by example and act as a model rider for them. Teach them the ropes, have them ride alongside you, and show them what riding a motorcycle means!

Therefore, this article will look at some of the standard safety tips you can implement to keep your kids safe when riding with you.

Road Rights

The motorcycle is a dangerous vehicle if not handling properly. You have to be more vigilant, especially when you have your kid riding with you. One of the most significant issues with motorcyclists is that they are often caught in hit and run incidents. Because they are on two wheels, they often get knocked over, and the secondary party takes off the first chance they get. Therefore, it would be wise to know your rights. 
Americans have the right to press charges if they feel that somebody has wronged them. Merely knowing that you have access to a lawyer for motorcycle accident victims may give you a sense of solace when you and your kids are out for a ride. 

Heaven forbid, if there is an accident, both you and your children know that a lawyer is on your side to ensure that justice will prevail at the end of the day. If you educate them on road rights, they are likely to ride with you with more confidence.

Importance of a Good Set of Tires 

One of the most common injuries occurs when riding a motorcycle due to the bike slipping on the road. A bike slip often leads to a bad case of road rash. In worse cases, it could break limbs and take the rider’s life. Therefore, your bike needs to have a good grip on the road. But how does one attain such a hold on two wheels? Tire tread.
The wheels of the motorcycle should be one of your significant areas of concern. If you think the tires are balding and could potentially reduce road grip, buy a new set of tires. Change your tires from time to time for a perfect riding experience. 

Moreover, if you and your kids are ever riding through bad weather, tire tread is your first and last defense line against the bike slipping on the road. Once the new tires are on, both of you can head out and take the bikes out for a spin!

Ride with a Helmet 

As a parent, you have to make sure that your kids will wear pads, jackets, and boots every-time they accompany you on a motorbike. It may not be possible for the average trip into town to suit up with all that safety equipment. Most experienced riders don’t suit up for the everyday ride either.
However, what they can and should do at all times is wear a helmet. Not only does this protect them from potential blunt trauma in an accident, but it also functions as a brace against bugs and dirt flying into the face. Insects and dust in your eye can reduce your focus on the road; needless to say, that can be extremely dangerous. It would be best to remind your children to wear their helmets whenever they are out on the road with you. Consider buying them their first helmet. Let them choose a design and set your budget high to encourage them to wear the protective gear. Moreover, it would be advisable to wear a helmet when you are out with them on the road—teaching by example!

Install Crash Guards 

The bike falling on top of the rider is another big issue. These are considerably heavy bikes, and getting them off is no easy task. Moreover, when pinned under them, you need to watch out for the exhaust pipes. In some cases, they could cause you third-degree burns!
Crash guards prevent the bike from completely falling flat on the ground. They raise them a little bit so that even if there is an issue, you and your children don’t get pinned under the bikes and potentially burned from the deadline pipes! Installing crash guards are essential safety tips that might go a long way in keeping you and your kids safe

Where to Ride

When a heavy bike moves onto uneven ground, you have a recipe for disaster on your hands. The tires will slip out from under the bikes, and the riders will slip across the road.
Loose soils, gravel, or even potholes can be a death sentence for even the most experienced riders. Therefore, avoid riding around the outskirts of town where the roads aren’t the best. It would be best for both of you to stay on the asphalt as much as possible. Unless you have dirt or touring bikes, neither you nor your children should be going onto the loose road. 


Whenever you ride a bike with your kids, you need to control your speed. If it is the first time your kids are riding with you on the bike, it’s better to choose the roads with less traffic so your kids can get ideas about riding with you on the motorbike. 

These tips may come in handy when riding with your kids on a motorcycle. At first, it might be a bit hard to teach them about how to ride with you on a motorbike ride, but later they will learn it.