Monday, October 3 , 2022

Saving Money on the Wedding to Spend More on Honeymoon

You must have heard the phrase ‘You only get married once’ while that is true but most people tend to take this too seriously and end up inflating the budget of their wedding to an unplanned level.

While some costs are worth it, most are not and can be easily avoided. With that saved cost you could have a few more days of honeymoon.

So when you start planning taking care of these few things will help you avoid unnecessarily. After all, it’s a celebration of starting a new life and you don’t want to do that with debt on your shoulders.

1. Wedding Dress

Every girl dreams of her wedding dress from a very young age. However, to buy that dress you don’t necessarily have to have a hefty dress budget. You can buy a cheap wedding dress from online stores. They have every style, cut, variety and workmanship on the dress with the added benefit of a lesser cost than that of designer stores. Let’s be honest you wouldn’t be wearing that dress for a second time. So if you wear it for one whole day and can get amazing pictures your job is done!

2. Formals and Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Not every bridesmaid can afford the heavy cost of the dress. So a store like Veaul is like a blessing in disguise everybody can afford the dresses and enjoy your wedding without having to worry about the cost. Also, there are formal dresses on the website which you can buy to wear at other events. Just choose formals you would be able to wear again.

3. Setting the Date

Long weekend and summer weekends are the time when everyone wants to have their wedding ideally. Setting a date in those days means you would have to pay quite the premium price. So why not lessen your cost and choose a weekday? Perhaps a weekend in the spring season?

This will substantially lessen the cost also the photographer which are bought during the season just have the booking open during these times.

4. The Venue

While people in the previous times wanted 2 venues for the wedding one for the nuptials and other for the reception. You can do both in the same venue as a farmhouse or a hotel. This will help you save the transportation cost of guest and everyone will be at ease instead of rushing from one place to another.

5. The Decorations

At your wedding you want everything to be top-notch. What if I tell you that you can achieve that without having to spend too much?

For one think of the flowers you are using, a less costing flower means you can decorate the place full of flowers without having to bloat your budget. Also, select a solid theme once that is done a thing will fall into place automatically. Also, instead of buying expensive centerpieces you can make them yourself with the help of YouTube tutorials.

6. The Invites

In a world that is digital, you can do things differently instead of getting a printed version of your card you can get a soft copy made and send it to your entire guest list. The best part is that the invites are linked to websites in such a way that guests can confirm if they are coming and you would be able to get an update about it. Also, these invites can be sent via Whatsapp, messenger, and email.

7. Favors

It is customary to get the guest some wedding favors. To show them that you are thankful for their participation in your festivals.  Instead of having to spend a hefty cost on the gifts you can DIY something sweet and simple on your cost. It would make them feel special that you took out the time to make something rather than just buy and gift it.

Spending lots of money on your wedding function won’t guarantee that you will have a happy life. Rather save that costs and spend it on yourself and your partner creating memories doing the thing you both enjoy. As to say start this life with happiness rather than a debt looming over your head