Sunday, September 25 , 2022

SEO Ranking Factors That You Need To Address In 2019 And Beyond

Search engine technologies keep in changing rapidly and accordingly SEO needs to keep pace with the latest developments. Even though it can be quite challenging to keep up with the changes, it is the only way you can ensure that your site gets the best rankings and can generate the traffic required for conversions.

The essential point is that without effective SEO, all your efforts to build an attractive site with useful products and services will come to naught, as users will simply not be able to find your site.

Even when they fire queries with the preferred keywords on the search engines, the rank may not be good enough for it to appear on Page 1 of the SERPs that account for 95% of the traffic, let along in the top-three results that attract around half of the user clicks.

What Is Google’s Approach To SEO?

According to Google, its purpose is to make information universally accessible and delivering search results that are useful and relevant is an integral part of that process. Google indexes all the websites and catalogs them so that when people search using a particular keyword or a phrase it can deliver the most accurate and relevant results. Google’s algorithm factors in a lot of parameters before calculating a rank for each of the keywords.

Among the various things, it considers are the purpose of the page, the authority, expertise, and trustworthiness of both the site and the content, the quality and amount of the content, the reputation and credibility of the content creator, and more. The intent of carrying out SEO is to convince Google that the content is most relevant to the needs of the searcher for that particular query.

Google Ranking Factors That You Simply Cannot Ignore In 2019

Website Accessibility:

Your site can only get ranked only when the Google bots can access your site easily and crawl through the contents to understand what the page is all about so that it can return accurate results in response to user queries. To ensure that this can happen, the websites, firstly, need to have been created with a website builder that has been coded well. Additionally, the website developer will need to create a robots.txt file that informs Google where the relevant site information may or may not be found.

A detailed sitemap is another prerequisite for achieving good Google ranks. There are plenty of online sitemap generators available that can help you to create the sitemap easily. Although site security is not considered to have a big impact on Google rankings directly, opting for a Wildcard SSL Certificate on the website, especially for e-commerce platforms, can be a source of great reassurance for users, which ultimately reflects on the number of visits and eventually, the ranking.

Page Loading Speed:

Google has always preferred web pages to load very quickly and has become even more sensitive to it for sites that are optimized for it. The Google speed update is a clear warning for website developers to get their acts in order and ensure that the sites load quickly on mobiles. The reason why page-loading speed has come into focus is that Google themselves have reported that if a site takes longer than three seconds to load, most of the visits are abandoned, according to


Today, mobile devices already account for around 50% of worldwide internet traffic and this is growing at a very fast rate. Consequently, Google has factored mobile-friendliness into its ranking methodology and its mobile-first index has changed the way that sites that are not mobile-friendly are being ranked. Google is giving preference to sites that have been optimized for mobile devices.

What this means in real terms is that unless you have taken steps to ensure that your site is optimized for mobiles, you stand to lose out big time in the race for SERP rankings. Fundamental to mobile optimization is the adoption of responsive technology that automatically adapts the page to the varying sizes of mobile devices making it easier for users to access the contents.

The small screen of mobiles also presents other challenges that make it necessary to use larger fonts to ensure better readability, as well as to guarantee better accessibility and navigability with menus that are easier to tap. Not allow interstitial advertisements to hide essential content is also an important aspect of mobile optimization.

Mobiles have also made deep inroads into social media and instant access to a large target audience has made the adoption of social media widespread among businesses, both large and small. It is quite common for brands to buy Insta likes in an attempt to reach out and engage more potential consumers.

Domain Age, Authority, And URL:

Google places a premium on the age of the domain name. According to surveys, around 60% of the sites that have a top-10 Google rank are at least three years old. Another study by Ahrefs involving two million pages indicates that very few sites that are less than one year old have achieved that distinction.

So even if you have not been very active on your site, its age may just be the thing to tilt things in your favor. The domain name matters to a certain extent even though Google penalizes domains that contain exact matches of the target keyword.

However, since the penalty is applied on sites that have thin content and are considered spam, it should not matter if you populate your site with useful, meaningful, authentic, and valuable content. Research does reveal that exact-match domains can receive a boost in ranking as they are interpreted as being relevant and valuable. Authority stems from a mix of great content and off-page SEO signals like inbound website links from reputed sources and social shares.


Search engine optimization is a never-ending battle to stay ahead of the game by analyzing how search engines work and what difference the changes in the technology can make to the raking of your site. SEO also needs to take into account the competitive environment and the actions taken by your competitors to achieve better rankings.