Friday, May 20 , 2022

Shocking Gratitude at graduation

Gratitude is quite a rare quality in human beings. Sometimes we see it more among animals, especially cats and dogs, that will be grateful for even the most minute act of kindness we show on them.

Gratitude in an antidote to many toxins we carry within our hearts and minds every day.  It’s a solution to many issues and avoids many issues arising.

Buddha himself taught us the gratitude is the first and the foremost thing by respecting the “Bo” tree that helped him with shelter through his meditation until he attained nirvana. This story is a nice example of simple yet valuable gratitude a human must possess.

Shocking Gratitude at graduationA Poor Farmer Supported His Son To Finish His College. On the Graduation Day, He Said His Father Is His Biggest Pride. The story comes from Nan Province, Thailand where a poor farmer who had very little resources and knowledge to support his family, his son. He worked hard and did all he could. Maybe, he wanted to see his son as a successful man and an educated one. All he earned through his farming sweating all day long spent on his son’s education. It finally paid off. Son graduated and he never forgot the most important man in his life. A man who shed tears and sweat trying to uplift his life.

Every kindness should be returned. It is not an owing but a inspiration for us to help someone else. We should feel gratitude for all that was given to us. The highest giving would be dharma. From those who have given us dharma, we should show a humble and sincere attitude. Always remember their kindness by practicing and applying. Only with dharma can we find genuine lasting happiness. The person who gave us genuine happiness through teaching us dharma should be remembered, celebrated, respected and be shown gratitude always. Food, clothes, money, housing, and all material items given to us is indeed something to repay. These are of the body. But someone who generously gives us the complete method to happiness and satisfaction (Dharma) should be remembered and assisted. We should serve and assist those who have given us dharma so they may bring dharma to many others to benefit them. The benefit we have derived should be shared to others in deed and words.

Gratitude is a necessary component of life. To be grateful to those who were or are kind to us helps us keep our sanity, soul and dignity. This is beautiful beyond words. Brings tears to my eyes. Do you find this extremely touching?

Tsem Rinpoche says: Remember every kind act done to you and by whom it was done. Never think of the negative but think of the positive. When we have gratitude we avoid anger, bitterness and also the feeling of dissatisfaction. What we make of our mind is what we think. What we feed our mind will be it’s output daily. To live daily with gratitude will generate a soft and kind heart. Shantideva starts his magnificent dissertation in the development of bodhicitta with meditation and reasoning for gratitude. How to generate gratitude and why. With this understanding when we meditate, we will be on the correct path.

Wise men and ignorant men differ radically. Ignorant men never appreciate kindness shown to them, but wise men appreciate and are grateful. Wise men express their appreciation and gratitude by some return of kindness, not only to their benefactor, but to all living beings. – Buddha