Should you love or hate Philadelphia 76ers?

The world of sports entertainment is huge nowadays. Many people around the world like to watch football games on their TV or they buy a ticket to become a part of an event. There are even whole teams that became a global phenomenon for a specific kind of sport. In the world of basketball, it’s obviously Philadelphia 76ers. It is possible to both love or hates them, but fans of this sport will admit – these guys are phenomenal. 

Should you love or hate Philadelphia 76ers?

There is no clear answer to the question of why people hate Philadelphia 76ers so much, despite they are one of the best in the business. Some experts think that it’s just the result of modern media. People simply hate popular stuff and in the case of this team – they are extremely powerful. Joel Embiid is a prime example of the way people are looking at modern sportsmen. When this celebrity says that he is the best in what he does, fans saying that he is an arrogant player. But if you look for a statistic, Joel is actually a pretty good athlete. He’s done more for this team than anyone else combined. 

Many people on the internet say that sixers are big talkers. They can’t prove that they are really good as an NBA team. At this moment, basketball fans started to classify Philadelphia 76ers as the most hated rival of the Miami Heat. 

The team of sixers has dropped to the sixth seed of the Eastern Conference after the loss to the LA Lakers. Every game counts for Philadelphia. They need to stay on track, as they can become the number five team in the East. But it is the most positive scenario. The sixers are lucky – Victor Oladipo will not compete against their team this season. According to the statistic of the previous couple of years, this guard has done pretty well by competing against Philadelphia 76ers. His average statistic for the game is 17.3 points, but in matches with sixers, he showed an incredible result of 19.4 per game. 

Nevertheless, it still interesting to watch, how sixers are going to end this season. They still have a couple of games to prove people wrong and succeed despite the hate they received from basketball fans. 

How Philadelphia 76ers are trying to cheer themselves?

People who enjoy watching basketball matches on both TV and live in the stadium are both trying their best to cheer for their favorite team. To do that, they even ready to make sports bets. It’s possible to say that at some point, fans of this kind of sport are gambling fans as well. They are ready to spend a couple of dollars to bet on their favorite team and then wait for the result. 

It’s definitely a risqué thing to do, but by doing so, gamers also get new emotions from their favorite thing – watching a basketball match. When the team they cheer for wins, they will celebrate it even better. But if it loses, they can get mad at all the players of the team. But that’s the point of sports betting – it makes even the regular match much more emotional, than ever before. It’s a good way to look at the favorite hobby from a totally new perspective. 

It’s easy to see that the gambling industry is ready for the fact that basketball fans are risqué at their core. That’s why it is so easy to find so many basketball themed online slot machines. It creates whole new possibilities for all sport entertainment fans, as they will definitely find something to do while waiting for another match to start. 

What the average viewer can do, while the match of sixers is only about to start?

There are situations when a basketball fan is thrilled to see the new match of their favorite team, but there are many hours or minutes till the start. People need something to do, to pass the time. It is possible to name a couple of recommendations for both TV and live viewers. 

  1. The first thing to do, if you are watching the game at home – play your favorite sports video game. Most people, who are basketball fans have either installed NBA2K game on their home console or mobile phone. So why not to play it, when there is such a good chance?
  2. If you don’t like videogames, then you can count onboard gaming. Play some cards with your friends. It will definitely help to spend a couple of minutes.
  3. Find people to watch the game together. Watching the match with friends is a decent experience.
  4. To understand more about the game, the viewer can look for a decent sports podcast. By doing so, you won’t skip a single minute on the game and you will start understanding what to expect from every player on the basketball field.
  5. If you’re watching the game live at the stadium, be sure to grab some snacks. It’s better to buy food before the match than skip the biggest part of the evening, searching for a snack bar.
  6. How about playing some real money slot machines on the smartphone? Online casinos give you a couple of great solutions to doing that.
  7. Join the conversation on social media. See what other fans think about this evening event.