Shower Filter: Is It Necessary?

Did you know that 32% of Australians have a water filter in their home? That shows an increased awareness of the problems with tap water. However, surprisingly few Australians take the time to add a filter to their shower.

Look At The Water

The water that comes out of your tap, and your shower, comes directly from the water treatment plant . These plants add chlorine and fluoride to the water. One kills bacteria in the water, the other helps to strengthen your teeth and bones.

However, both have also been linked to potentially causing cancer. They also alter the flavor of the water, which is one of the biggest reasons so many people consult this expert in water filters Sydney .

But, that’s not all the story. The treated water goes through hundreds of miles of pipe to get tour home. During this process, it can pick up bacteria through a tiny split in the pipe. It can also collect debris from inside the pipes and, contain the soil that can be transferred to the water. These include, but are not limited to, pesticides and factory waste.

Taking a Shower

The water that comes out of your shower has come directly from the treatment plant, containing the chemicals and potential contaminants. In many homes this water is heated in a tank, meaning that it sits statically. This can encourage the growth of any bacteria in the water.

You then turn on the warm water that cascades over your body and opens your pores. If the water is pure it will simply flush the pores, cleaning them. However, the open pores allow faster absorption of chemical compounds into your body. When you consider that this water has chlorine, fluoride, and pesticides, you’re effectively absorbing them into your body, which is not beneficial for your health.

Suddenly you’ll realize why having a water filter on your shower isn’t just desirable, its essential.

Types of Shower Water Filter

You can invest in a whole house water filtration system. This is the best method as all the water entering your home will be filtered, it doesn’t matter which tap you use you’ll be accessing safe, clean water.

Of course, this is the most expensive option.

At the other end of the scale, you can purchase a shower head filter, it literally sits inside the showerhead and removes the harmful compounds. It’s effective but won’t change the water quality anywhere else in your home.

Alternatively, you can add an inline water filter to one tap in your home and to your shower, reducing your exposure to these potentially dangerous chemicals.


As a final thought, you should be aware that research suggests showering in contaminated water can actually damage your skin. In effect, the unfiltered shower could be making you look older than you are!

The minerals and chemicals reduce your skin’s ability to absorb vitamins and good nutrients, leaving your hair and skin looking dull, the shower filter will help to prevent this issue.