Monday, December 5 , 2022

Simple Tips to Secure Yourself a Promotion at Work

After a few years since leaving school, college or university, like with anything in life, you want to be better and go higher. It’s a natural thing to seek progression. While we like comfort zones and can find ourselves content to remain where we are rather than push our limits, everybody also likes the idea of a better life, whether it be better to work hours, better job description, better pay.

You may find that you’ve been in the same job for several years now and even though the dream of better things exists, it has become just that, a dream and one that you’ve grown content with never having. It is time to shake yourself out of it.

You are capable of far more and it is time to stop thinking of reasons why it will never happen and start believing the reasons why it will start happening for you. Here are some tips that you can apply which will set you up for that next job promotion.

Upskill yourself

Never stop learning. If you’re working for an auditing firm and the obstacle to reaching the next level in your career in education, then go and find auditing courses that you can do part-time. There is a huge variety of options that you can consider.

If you need the reputation of the institution through which you choose to study, then take time to do some research and establish the credibility of the various universities or colleges and how much weight they hold in the corporate world.

If the credibility isn’t necessary but just the skill, then consider the MOOC (massive open online courses) route. These are free or very cheap online courses that can teach you the skills you need.

Be on time

Nothing will ever beat the value that being on-time offers. If you look at what not being on time communicates, it should motivate you to always be on time. Not being on time communicates that you think your time is more important than the other person’s time, it communicates that you don’t place much value on whatever it is you are meeting about.

It communicates laziness and a lack of being able to plan and manage your time properly. Being on time expresses direct opposites. It expresses that you are committed, interested, invested, enthusiastic and that you value the other person’s time. All these things should jolt you into making sure you are committed to being on time.

Look for areas to go the extra mile

Find ways to go the extra mile. You want your managers or bosses to see that you are willing to go over and beyond the call of duty. Not only does it show your enthusiasm and commitment, it gives you the opportunity to learn new education skills and it could even be that you become so valuable in offering your assistance in this area that they can’t but take you onboard in that position.

Be a Team Player

You don’t have to work for money always. Sometimes if there are new projects, give your time to help. Participate in task forces. If your coworkers or boss is too busy to complete the tasks at hand, give them a helping hand. In case anything happens in your department, try to find ways to solve that so that it doesn’t hurt the entire department. This way, your boss will see you as a good team player and an asset to the company.

Improve your performance

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything big but to do what you are doing better than others. If you perform excellently, you get good reviews which add to your reputation. You could also set goals for the department you work in.

Remember, you don’t need to wait for your supervisor to set goals; you can do it and ask for approval. Just make sure the goals you set, align with the mission and vision of the department and the company at large.

Ask for feedback

Another tip to secure yourself a promotion at work is to ask for it. Yes, just make sure you ask for it professionally. You can even write a cover letter then show things you have accomplished, your skills, experience, and why you think you should get a promotion.

If It Deserves Go For It!

So there you have it. Use these tips to secure yourself a promotion at work. If you feel you are up to the task, ask for that promotion. It’s that simple.