Thursday, September 29 , 2022

Singer Brings Us Back To Good Ol’ Days With AGT Performance

He’s a classic Long Island native. Italian heritage with dark hair, dark eyes, solidly built with a tough guy accent. Total Long Island! So you definitely would not expect this classic New Yorker to belt out the following song in such amazing fashion.

He’s got the confidence. The bravado is there. But what about the voice? He’s up there all alone, nothing fancy, no special effects or technological backing, just a dude from Long Island who is going to sing Sinatra’s “My Way”. Well, the dude from Long Island nails it. So much so that many believe Frank himself would have given Sal the appreciative nod. What did the judges think? All were blown. When even Simon goes so far as to say this performance was coming straight from Sal’s soul, then you know it was stellar. It was so good, Sal got the Golden Buzzer! Can’t wait to see more of this guy. Totally solid!

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