Sleep And Mental Health

Although many of us know that sleep is essential, we aren’t particularly sure why we should sleep for a whole 8 hours every night. The only time we realize sleep is important is after having a bad night and waking up feeling tired and fatigued.  How are sleep and mental health-related?  Outlined below are some of the reasons getting enough sleep is good for your mental health.

  1. It Improves Your Attention

Have you ever wondered why you are the most attentive in the morning, or after taking that afternoon nap?  One of the reasons is because the mind had time to recuperate and relax while you were sleeping/napping. This leaves you with a clearer mind hence focus more on whatever you are working on.

  1. Gives You A Memory Boost

Memories are formed in three stages. A new piece of information is introduced to the brain cells, which is then consolidated after some time. The final step in creating a memory is recall, when you try to access the information stored in the first and second stage. The process of acquiring a memory only happens when one is awake, the same as recall. Consolidation is however the most important step, as it helps store the memory for future ‘recall’. Memory consolidation only happens when we sleep, and when deep in sleep. It is therefore important that you get good quality sleep after learning something new.

  1. Lowered Stress Levels

Lack of sleep can have a devastating effect on your health and even make simple things become a bother throughout the day. Research shows that sleep deprivation makes one more irritable when compared to individuals that get enough sleep.  A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association also indicates that adults who have insomnia, and those that get few hours of sleep are more vulnerable to stress and depression.

You should try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every day to be able to overcome most stress factors. You never have to study through the night, or trans night when you can do the same during the day. Lack of sleep will only lead to many problems including stress, diabetes, and even heart disease. The average adult needs to sleep for about 8 hours while teenagers and young children should sleep a bit longer. So now we know how important sleep is, isn’t it time to invest in your sleep? Check out these Bear Mattress reviews and start getting a better sleep.