Slip and Fall Costs are Rising: How Employers Can Reduce Workplace Injuries

New figures have shown that the costs of slips and falls in the workplace are rising. Employers are being warned that they face rising costs unless they act to reduce the number of injuries in the workplace.

The U.S. Department of Labor revealed that slip and fall costs have reached $1 billion per week nationwide.

Employers are being urged to act in a proactive manner to help bring down the number of injuries in the workplace.


Why is the Cost of Slip and Fall Injuries Increasing?

Top legal professionals have cited a range of factors for the increasing costs incurred by slip and fall injuries across the country.

Garry Salomon, a founder of the law firm Davis, Saperstein & Salomon P.C., spoke at the NJAJ Meadowlands 2019 conference about the issue.

He said, “Much of the increase comes from employees becoming more aware of the rights they have. Accessibility to professional legal representation for ordinary people is a big reason why costs have increased.”

Salomon recently spoke at the prestigious Meadowlands 2019 Conference, together with a number of other partners from Davis, Saperstein & Salomon P.C. about a range of issues, including how to change the legal industry and what employers and businesses can do if they find themselves involved in a legal case.

More Companies Settling Out of Court than Ever

Another reason why employers are experiencing higher costs is the lack of willingness to fight these cases. Once legal action is brought by an experienced lawyer, most cases are genuine.

The average cost of a slip and fall case is $20,000 for the employer. If they wanted to fight the case, the average cost is $50,000, so it’s often easier and less costly to settle out of court.

What Can Employers Do to Prevent Workplace Injuries?

Employers must understand that slip and fall injuries are 100% preventable,” according to Garry. “The simplest of actions in the workplace can prevent the vast majority of injuries, but a lack of proactiveness is the number one cause of severe injuries.”

Legal professionals are increasingly warning employers about the need to be proactive. Installing appropriate lighting, removing snow and ice as soon as possible, and ensuring non-slip materials are used in working areas are just some of the actions employers can take to protect their employees and customers.

All these proactive actions are much more affordable than paying compensation to someone who injured themselves at work.

What Should You Do in an Accident?

The legal industry recommends that people seek out professional legal representation as soon as possible. They say it’s essential that employees concentrate on their recovery and allow a legal professional to handle the stress of getting justice.

The value of slip and fall attorneys can’t be underestimated. They will take the responsibility of communicating with employers, insurance companies, and other judicial representatives.

It’s common knowledge that stress reduction aids in recovery from both physical and mental injuries.