Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

Smart gadgets for your smart kitchen

Technology today is making everything around us smarter and easy to use. After smart home lightings, the next sector the Internet of Things is set to disrupt in the near future would be the gadgets used in our kitchens. Cooking, without a doubt, is one of the most routine works in every household and smart gadgets can really be beneficial here to ensure people can spend less time to prepare those tasty dishes. In this article, we will be looking at some of the most interesting and promising gadgets that could be seen in our kitchens every day in the near future. You can choose the right tiles for your backsplash.

Smart Kitchen gadgets are nothing but utensils that have been traditionally used in our kitchens but with a new look and technology embedded into it to make the cooking easy and also provide other vital information from the food that we ate such as the calories it carries, carbohydrates that it provides and more. 

The Grill revamped

The grill is a device that has been used in the kitchens forever now. It can be used to prepare a long list of food. Today, we have advanced options for grilling where the details like the weight, compositions, and other such features can be analyzed and food can be prepared accordingly. One of the pioneer grills that have these options would be the palate home smart grill. It is becoming very popular day by day. One of the main reasons behind the success of the palate home smart grill is the ability to cook the food automatically, without much intervention of humans.

The good old frying pan:

Frying pan has been an integral part of the kitchen for ages. It is one of those utensils that have been in kitchens forever. Today, a smarter version of the frying pan has been developed. These pans can identify the temperature of the food that is being cooked and let us know when it is completed cooked without the need for you to insert a fork or a spoon to check. In fact, a few devices send notifications to your iPhones to let you know the details of the food being cooked. One such gadget is the smart frying pan from Pantelligent. It can send notifications of the temperature of the food before and after being cooked. 

Recipes made easy:

Every day thousands of people learn to cook using the lakhs of recipes available online and offline today. One of the most common things in all these recipes is the measures! If you are someone who is newly learning to cook, you would know how hard it would be to get the measures perfect, no matter how much you try. But this problem is being solved today by a few gadgets that help you measure the quantity of the ingredients beings used. There are a  few of the gadgets that help you prepare dishes by having a recipe. Once such gadget would be the drop connected kitchen scale that measures the ingredients and gives you a notification on your iPad or iPhone.  

Automatic cooking:

As technology is advancing every day, humans are becoming lazier. We prefer everything to be done, without the need for our intervention. Cooking being one of the most tedious jobs, it would be great if we can develop automatic gadgets for the same. There are a few gadgets that are already available such as the rotimatic, which is an automatic gadget that can make rotis, pizza and more. All one needs to do is feed the machine with the dough and the ingredients. The rotimatic is becoming very popular across the globe. Rotimatic reviews suggest that it is the best automatic gadget that is available at this point in time for automatically preparing rotis. Another notable gadget in this category is the Siemens connected coffee maker. They are building a coffee maker that can prepare your espresso with the click of a button on your iPhone from the bedroom. 

What if your fork could count calories?

How cool would it be if you could know how much calories you consume for every bite that you consume? This is exactly what the HAPIfork is capable of doing. It is an electronic fork that helps you monitor the food you consume. It is specially designed for fat loss programs. The HAPIfork can track how long it took you to complete the meal, the amount of serving and event the time in between each serving. It can also transfer the data that it gathers into a smartphone through Bluetooth or USB. One can then use this data to analyze their diet plans and do the changes as required for a healthier body. 

A blend of the washing machine and oven to cook!

Yes, you read it right. LG has come up with a smart oven that looks like a washing machine but functions as an oven. It even has the ability to be remotely controlled from a smartphone. LG has also developed its own LG smart access range app where you can also send recipes in the range. It can cook both vegetarian and non-vegeterian dishes. One can just set a recipe in it and forget about it until it is cooked and a notification is displayed on their smartphone.

In the next few years, it is evident that your kitchens will be smarter than they are today. Cooking will become an easier process. Internet of Things is one of the main technologies that will be driving this change from the front. Developers are really working hard on the technologies that will be helpful to build smart kitchens in the near future as the demand will be huge. We can also expect voice-controlled devices in the near future for our kitchens, just like how we have voice-controlled home automation systems in parts of the world today.