Soft Pro: The One-Stop Shop for Title and Escrow in Real Estate

Once upon a time, real estate buying was all about meeting in person and closing the deal at the office of the title company (or local bank–you know, where they make you stand in line behind people carrying boatloads of cash or stacks of bearer bonds). Those days are long gone for most transactions. Today, buyers shop online. They negotiate remotely. They even close online.

All of these changes have had one impact: they’ve made the process more complicated than ever. Title and escrow companies are part of their economy, with different rules governing who can do what on whose behalf, where, when, and at what cost. All the different players in this complex world need to communicate. Not just with each other but between themselves and the various agencies that send them checks on behalf of borrowers.

On top of all this, the volume of transactions is also increasing, meaning more new players are entering the market all the time–and they need to be trained in what has become common knowledge for long-time participants: how to do title & escrow. Every one of these changes drives up the cost of doing business, meaning higher fees for home buyers–especially those who are first-time buyers.

The good news is that there’s finally a real answer to all of these issues. It’s called SoftPro, and it performs all the title/escrow functions you need to get your transaction closed–online and on time. Unlike traditional title companies, who typically farm out this function to 3rd party vendors, SoftPro has all the systems in a house, which means it can pass along the savings of not having to farm this business out. It also means lenders never have to worry about what they might have been up to.

Because SoftPro uses the Internet as its back-office foundation, it can also handle any number of transactions simultaneously, 24 hours a day. That means title companies and banks no longer need to be involved in the process at all–they send their work directly to SoftPro, who then passes it on to lenders, buyers, and sellers.

In short, SoftPro has the scale to handle the high volume of today’s Internet-driven real estate market–and it does so with a staff that works directly instead of going through multiple layers of third parties. That means lower prices for everyone involved in a transaction, whether it’s online or off. Best of all, it means you get your title and escrow services–complete with closing documents–when you need them.

SoftPro isn’t just changing the way we do business; it’s transforming title & escrow software for an industry that desperately needs real change. 

Final thoughts.

Real estate transactions are more complicated than ever before. The Internet has changed how people buy and sell homes, leaving the industry with new problems. SoftPro has solved these problems by having all their systems in-house instead of farming it out to 3rd parties as traditional title companies do. This way, SoftPro can pass the savings on to everyone involved. In addition, lenders no longer have to worry about what they might get up to by not being involved in the process since SoftPro will handle any number of transactions simultaneously. And because SoftPro is using the Internet as its back-office foundation, it can also manage them simultaneously, 24 hours a day.