Some things to know before planning your Vietnam vacation

Are you thinking of making a road map for the leader country of Ho Chi Minh, but don’t know where to start? Indeed, in the East, in general, everything is very different from what we Westerners know. Each country is very unique in terms of culture, religion, language, how to deal with tourism; Each of these has its own peculiarities and if you are thinking of traveling to Vietnam you need to know a little about the country to arrange your travel plans.

For starters, we recommend not traveling there without good travel insurance to Vietnam. A culture so different and so far from our country, it is not appropriate to take risks or want to save money with insurance. The fact is that Vietnam is full of history, from its struggle with China, through French colonialism, the process of independence and the unification of the country after the conflict with the United States.

Through all the processes that have gone through, this country carries a quite strange cultural and religious background for us. Apart from that, of course, it offers many cosmopolitan tourist attractions and incredible natural scenery. Here are some tips to help you with your Vietnam travel plans. Follow me!

Let’s start with basic and irreplaceable information for each trip:

Capital: Hanoi
Currency: Dong
Passport Required Validity: 6 months
Tourist visa required: Yes
Vaccination: Nothing

How to go to Vietnam?

Yes … we already know that the distance is long!

So how to get to Vietnam?

In our case, we chose Europe: we spent a few days in Germany when we visited Frankfurt and Heidelberg, and only then flew to China. We flew with Air China from Germany to Beijing. From there, taking advantage of the ease of the air hub (hub connection for passenger transfers), and the price of Air Asia Company, which made regional flights and was the most cost-effective at the time, we visited several Asian countries (Thailand). , Malaysia, Indonesia …). And that’s how we arrived in Vietnam. But of course there are other ways to get there. Gulf airlines, for example, also often offer attractive fares, and if you want to include places like Qatar, Dubai or Abu Dhabi in your travel plans, airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates, or Ethiopia make additional stops there.

But if you are a backpacker and want to reach Vietnam by land, the most common route taken by this adventure style starts in Bangkok, Thailand; from Bangkok, take a bus to Cambodia, to visit Siem Reap and the amazing Angkor Wat temples, and then continue your trip to Vietnam.

What documents do I need to visit Vietnam?

First, people must know that Vietnam needs a tourist visa to enter the country. But it’s not a seven-headed animal, calm down. In fact, the process is very easy. Then I will give you tips for getting a visa.

Documents required for immigration in Vietnam are:

– Original passport (validity of at least 6 months);
– Letter of Approval (in the case of an electronic visa, as described below) or the Visa itself (in the case of proceedings carried out through the Vietnamese Embassy);
– preprinted forms (you can pick up copies and fill them in on time);
– 2 photos 5 × 7 or 4 × 6;
– Stamp fee, entry up to 30 days at a cost of USD 25.

Please note, this last fee must be paid in US Dollars. There are no ATMs and no cards are accepted. If they accidentally accept another currency, even Dong, the conversion will distract you. So go to the country with dollars.

Until now, Vietnam does not need an International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis, which does not require a yellow fever vaccine. But if you are going to Vietnam, you might also plan to take a leap in Thailand and other Asian countries that need international evidence of the vaccine. So don’t travel to Asia without it.

Vietnam is a very beautiful country. Preparing the things above means preparing your adventure in the Southeast Asian country well. Then you can choose to continue with your Vietnam tour. There are many Vietnam tours available. By searching online, you can get the best offer.