Monday, October 3 , 2022

Spirituality in 21st Century

by Prakash Sutradhar a community member & a contributor

Spirituality in 21st CenturySpirituality, or I will call it mind science, it means knowing yourself properly, what are you doing, why are you doing, what are your goals in life. If you search in google, you will be astounded by many corporate leaders (not from India only, outside also) talking about spirituality, Steve Job believed in Karma (what he called about connecting dots), Tony Robbins talk about knowing about highest being inside us, Sandeep Maheshwari believes in sharing and many more.. Recently I saw an article in Times of India “what are the qualities today’s CEO are searching in young blood”, after reading about many top ceo’s desire I came to the conclusion that they all are looking beyond job skills, outer appearances, our so called job seeking smartness, personality. Todays world is turning towards different dimensions, which is inner being. We are already at the verge of outside achievement.

Spirituality in 21st Century

It is clearly learnt that life is more than about money, success, achievement.. Here we are not deviating from our desire, our goal but we  are trying to change the way we want it. It is like shifting to renewable energy from conventional fossil fuel which is fragile and might  lead to end of our ecosystem. Shifting to renewable is sustinable, eco friendly.

So, in life doing in Spiritual way means changing from conventional fragile way to sustainable and happier one. By spiritual I do not mean believing in God, religion or rituals. I mean believeing in myself, believing that I am the creator of my destiny, I can change it. Everything is happening first  inside our mind then it is getting manifested in the outside world.

In ancient times, A wise person was who knew about himself and who didn’t know about himself, called fool. Today it changed, a wise is one who knows about the world and in doing so we never tried to know about ourself, what is going in my inside world.

Recently I found one very intelligent and successful girl was upset over not getting many likes in her facebook photo which she thought of her best photo and supposed to be liked by many people. If she knew a little about her, she could have easily understood that she is craving for high self-esteem. As she had low self confidence, so she was trying to get approval of others to feel good about herself. So this is the problem of knowing only about outside world. So here is the problem inspite of achieveing success in her career she is not feeling worthy. If she could have understood that no one can make her feel worthy unless she believes worthiness about herself. Then she would have uploaded new photos to share with friends but never been waited for their approval to feel good.

So we must answer  first to ourself what we are searching, why we are doing this. We have to go deep inside our belief system, thought process.

I read about Swami Vivekanda, Gautam Budhdha and came to the conclusion that they didn’t achieve any materialistic things, no higher degree, no technical skill but still they are the torchbearer of everyone’s journey in life, how ?? the only answer is they knew what is happening inside us, inside our mind and they found that if we can control mind then we can have any result outside.  Thats why Gautam Budhdha said “I found the  solution to all misery of people’s life”  and Swami Vivekanda said “Youth are the future, Knowledge is the ultimate source to all problems”, here he didn’t mean about outside bookish knowledge, he meant about knowing inside, what is happening there. I know how a semicondutor behaves differently in different temparature, but I do not have any knowledge why my mood changes frequemtly, why my emotions are getting generated and how to control it, channelize it.