Sports Massage Singapore: Am I a good candidate?

Sports massage is a sandringham physio service customized specifically for multiple sports and sports accidents. It is tailored to be beneficial for athletes before, during, and after exercise or workout. Curios about sports massage in Singapore? Check out Elevate Physiotherapy’s website today to learn more ( ).  The main benefit of a sports massage is to help patients to improve endurance, reduce the chance of injuries, and assist with rehabilitation after a sports accident or surgery and even help for aspeedier recovery.

Unlike a regular massage that can help you relax and have a great time; a sports massage can be arduous as it involves the manipulation of the muscles in the areas. The physiotherapist may stretch muscles that are tight and stimulate muscle activity to achieve better conditioning. Myofascial release and trigger points may also be targeted to alleviate discomfort and muscle tightness. Other techniques may include compression, vibration, and kneading. Additional benefits include increased blood flow and improvement of elimination of waste products derived from a workout and training. 

Although it is called a sports massage, it is not limited to athletes. Anyone who undertakes or wishes to perform a healthy lifestyle and physical activities can be suitable for a sports massage. A typical session can take about an hour and no pre-procedure preparations are required. Your physiotherapist will guide you throughout the procedure as well as advise on how to care for yourself post-massage. In Singapore, a single session of sports massage can start at the price of$120 and the number of sessions required will be recommended by your physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy means the prevention, assessment and procedure of conditions of people’s movement cause of physical damage, injury and/or other illness. Physiotherapy aids patients to reduce pain, increase their muscle strength, joint range, develop immune system and improve respiratory system. 

Our shoulder establishes the highest sector of movement in your body, permitting us to rotate our arms in different directions. traumas the shoulder area are quite general, particularly under physical activities that violent movement. Almost all shoulder injuries evolve progressively, and will result in major complications if not cured cautiously.

The back and spine support our body frame and holds spinal nerves that send and obtain signals from the brain. Damage to the spinal area might cause severe concerns or even palsy. It’s better to understand the early signs to elude possible long-term fitness consequences.

Our foot and ankle are joined by ligaments that function to deliver mobility to people’s body. Human foot consists of 28 bones and have about 30 joints, among those, 3 bones. 

Damages to our hand are common. And some issues, if it is not managed swiftly, will entail in serious problems. The main nerves of our hand (ulnar), that operate to transfer signal to the brain, thence transferring motion

The knee is a really important frame in one’s body responsible for movement. It’s the most large joints in the body, containing of 3 bones – femur bone, our shin bone, and also our patella –  joined together with leg muscles. Most minor injuries e.g. small bruises heal independently and certain damages could cause critical health diseases which may strike knee ability in long run.

All these damages during its initial stages may present with soft indications that would get worsen over time, it is ideal that you see a physio clinic if you’re wounded over fitness activity. 

Different type of physical injuries

Sports damages are quite general in youths. More than 2.5 million younger adults are harmed through exercise activity each year. 

The common physical damages among kids are tearing ligaments. Body contact activities, such as floor ball, lead to more wounds than non-body contact activities, e.g. darts.

Different brand of sports injuries create different damages. The most usual physical damages contain:

Sprains. Twisting the ligaments can result in an eversion sprain. Articular ligaments are pieces of tissue that connect 2 bones to a single joint.

Leg muscle strains. Hurting the muscles cause muscle strains. Muscle strains are always misunderstood as normal sprains. 

Knee injuries. Any issue that restricts how the knee joint shifts can be a major injury. 

Fractures. Fractures in bone is the discontinuity of bones into many shreds in the power of accidents and maybe several medical disorder e.g.: osteogenesis imperfecta.

Dislocated joints. Sports traumas can dislocate a joint in your body. If that happens, one joint is pushed out of its original place. Partial dislocation can occur commonly in knees or fingers, this might be grievous and will cause bruise.

The most effective way to avoid a physical damage is stretching. Inactive muscles are easily weak body. Warm muscles are more pliable. They can activate fast movements, making less injury.

And also, take these methods to keep away a sports damage:

Utilize the proper technique

Acquire the correct way to run away in your exercise. Different brand of sports activity instructs different postures. For example, in certain sports, flexing the knee at the appropriate time may help us prevent a damage to our leg.

Getting right footwear. Guarantee you equip a proper good fitting shoes, these can diminish your likelihood for damages.

When you first visiting, you will undergo a complete test of your situation. A medical practitioner would then come out with a precise prescription of the cause of the injury and the duration of recovery. 

Upon acquiring a right analysis, our specialist will create a recovery program that optimises treatment output. Physical treatment generally is non-invasive, moreover all Sport Medicine personnel will frequently involve the patient in decision making and originate a caring partnership to handle your medical fitness. Our medical practitioner will also impart you on ways to prevent more injuries.