Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Stop the sacrifice of goats at the Khokana Festivals in Nepal

Goats at the Khokana Festivals in Nepal

One asked me what can petitions do, I answered him with a list of victories latest being a petition targeting china. Another asked me isn’t this site about Buddhism; I said exactly why we can’t just look these terrible actions of humans that break our heart. We may not be able to make a perfect world, but we all certainly can try.

Goats at the Khokana Festivals in Nepal The Khokana Festival in Nepal is held annually in August. During the festival a young female goat is thrown into a pond where a group of young men attack, bite and tear the goat apart while it is still alive. The man who is judged to have eventually killed the goat is named a “hero” and leads a dance procession which follows. Such a cruel and vicious act inflicted on an animal has no place in a civilized society and should be banned immediately.

Below are photos of the Khokana festival, one of the ‘puja’ ritual offerings to idols of worship by Hindus in Nepal. A young goat is thrown in a pond, and 9 men jump in and tear it apart, with no weapons. This is one of the many Nepali animal sacrifices, which take place nearly year round, leaving thousands of victims, suffering terrible deaths.

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