Take Advantage of Golf in Pattaya Promotions

Take Advantage of Golf in Pattaya Promotions on Your Next Holiday

Everyone looks forward to a holiday in Thailand. But if you’re a golf enthusiast and your holiday destination is Pattaya, there are some golf promotions in Pattaya that you should take advantage of to make your holiday extra memorable.

Pattaya is a world-famous tourist destination that’s known for its beaches and nightlife as well as the many family-friendly attractions it offers in and around the city.

If you’re part of a family of golfers that enjoys playing the game together, it can be expensive to play when you’re on holiday. First-class golf courses often charge exorbitant fees when they’re in a popular holiday location.

Golf in Thailand is Affordable

But along with most prices in Thailand, you’ll find that playing golf in the ‘Land of Smiles’ can be as affordable as playing on your usual golf course at home. That’s because, with over 20 golf courses in and around the city of Pattaya, they’re all in competition with one another to entice tourist golfers to come and play on their courses.

And we’re not talking about municipal or public golf courses here. Some of the best championship-caliber golf courses in all of Asia are located in the Pattaya area. These are well-maintained, 18 holes, par 72 courses that offer a challenging morning or afternoon of golf to the lowest handicapper.

This sheer amount of courses means that to compete with each other, most of them offer golf promotions for Pattaya courses.

Take Your Golf Clubs Along on Your Holiday

More and more airlines are waiving baggage charges for sports equipment (including golf clubs). And the U-Tapao airport just down the road from Pattaya is now open for commercial, regularly scheduled airline service. These two enticements now make a golf holiday for the entire family more than just a faint possibility – it’s become an absolute reality.

By taking advantage of the reduced transportation costs from the airport near Pattaya, combined with free golf club shipping and golf promotions at Pattaya golf courses, it’s no wonder Pattaya is quickly becoming the leading golf destination in Thailand, as well as south-eastern Asia.

Enjoy a Golf Holiday with the Whole Family

With the savings you’ll enjoy when you take advantage of all the enticements offered by the airlines, as well as the golf promotions in Pattaya, your family can spend multiple days of your holiday out on the balmy, sunny golf courses of Pattaya alongside the Gulf of Thailand.

You’ll enjoy the wealth of golf courses along the gulf coast that offers different types of terrain as well as challenging doglegs, water hazards, creative bunker placements. You also enjoy some world-famous Thai cuisine served in magnificent, spacious clubhouses at the end of your round.

Sit back with your favorite beverage on the veranda of these spectacular clubhouses while you watch the sunset on a beautiful day of golf with your family. You’ll wonder it took you so long to plan a golf holiday in Pattaya.