Take an Overnight Tour in Phuket with Elephants

When you visit some elephant sanctuary, you have the option of the type of visit you can choose. For a truly unique visit, you’ll be eager to tell your friends at home about, choose an overnight tour in Phuket with the elephants.

In this type of tour, you’ll witness all the night time activities of the elephants. Elephants are active at night as well as in most of the daytime. The need for elephants to consume so much fodder every day means they’ll be busy feeding throughout the night. They’ll take naps occasionally before they continue to feed. Feeding is a 24-hour a day job when you’re an elephant.

Of course, you won’t be expected to stay up the whole night when signup for an overnight tour in Phuket with the elephants. You’ll be sleeping in a spacious tent with a mattress in the jungle.

Embark on an Overnight Adventure with the Elephants

When you reserve an overnight tour in Phuket with the elephants, the sanctuary will pick you up for free at your accommodations in many towns and cities all across the island and deliver you to the sanctuary early in the morning of the first day. You’ll enjoy a coffee or tea and some light snacks as you learn more about the habits of elephants.

You’ll set out into the jungle for your first exciting meeting with the elephants. Around 11 AM, you’ll enjoy a meal of traditional Thai food and get ready to spend the entire day with the elephants.

You’ll walk with them through the jungle and help prepare the dietary supplements they consume in addition to the 100 to 300 kilos a day of food. You’ll feed them the supplements, give them a mud-bath and take them for a swim.

Once the swim period is over around 3 PM, you’ll bring the elephants to a specially constructed elephant shower, and take your own shower and change your clothes. Then, it’s time for a late-lunch of Pad Thai and fresh fruit.

After that, your time is your own until dinner. Wander around the compound and spend more time with the elephants. Take pictures and selfies with them, or just observe them interacting with each other.

Day Two of the Overnight Visit

You should probably go to bed fairly early the first night because your second day will start early in the morning. You’ll arise and get ready for breakfast.

After breakfast, you have the option of learning how to make both soap and paper from elephant poop, as the sanctuary reuses as much of the resources as they can. If working with elephant poop isn’t really your idea of fun, you can feed the elephants breakfast instead, say goodbye to them and grab a few last pictures with them.

Then, the sanctuary will transport you back to the town where your accommodations are waiting. An overnight tour in Phuket with the elephants is a fascinating, fun and educational activity for the whole family. And one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.