TCL 10 Pro: Stunning Android Phone Rivals Apple’s iPhone SE

If you are looking for a smartphone to hold a candle against Apple’s iPhone SE, then read this blog ahead. We are going for a crisp, creative, and constructive comparison between the TCL 10 Pro and Apple iPhone SE to know how the former is better than the latter with a significant margin.

Advanced camera features

Testers have seen how TCL has been making various smartphones over the years, including BlackBerry and Alcatel. So, it’s not a biggie to understand that TCL 10 Pro would come with one of the smartest camera features and can beat the overly hyped cameras of Apple iPhone SE.

This phone has a horizontal strip at the back of its cover. This strip has four cameras with the flash icons. There is nothing bulky when you press on your fingers over these cameras. The style is so minimal and loveable that it is hard to find on other smartphones like Apple iPhone SE.

So, you get an ultra-wide lens cam, 123-degree view, macro lens, and even a cam for making a video in low light at the back strip of the cameras. This isn’t something you find on any Apple phone, let alone Apple iPhone SE.

The quality of the hardware is unmatchable

Be it battery back-up, 3.5mm Audio Jack, or microSD card slot, the TCL 10 Pro wins over Apple iPhone SE any time of the day. It has a 4500 mAh battery whereas, the Apple iPhone SE only has an 1821 mAh battery.

Nowadays, people are fonder of sticking to their smartphones. They are increasing the usage of their smartphones. Thus, the battery back-up duration is much more important. 

Well, think about it. What would be the use of the phone when it’s not switched on or remains to be operational in the most vulnerable situations, despite its extravagant features, right? 

The same concept goes with these phones when the tech-savvy and gadget lovers must select the phone based on the heavy usage if these two phones are the only options.

The storage is also commendable

When you are a gamer, or a heavy user of a smartphone today, you also need at least 100+ GB internal storage easily. This is where Apple iPhone SE lacks. The TCL 10 Pro beats that phone in this matter.

It has about 128 GB internal storage. Overall, it also has 6 GB RAM, which is higher in comparison to 3 GB RAM that is owned by Apple iPhone SE.

All in all, we can say that TCL is the best phone for gamers over Apple’s latest iPhone SE. It gives you more storage, excellent speed, and a better back-up when you are either watching videos, listening to songs, playing games, or working on massive files on the go.

The efficient screen and display

Even though AMOLED screens have difficulty in the Sunlight, which the Retina IPS does not have, we can say TCL 10 Pro is still a better choice over Apple iPhone SE. 

That is because the combination of AMOLED with the NXTVISION display is a great choice and not easily found in the mid-range smartphones in the smartphone market today.

The TCL 10 Pro’s combination of the screen and the display is best for effective, productive, and long-lasting battery use. It consumes less battery, which is the best feature when you know that you need to use the phone probably the entire day for the day-to-day personal or professional operations. 

Apart from that, this combination is highly favourable for gamers, and the people are tech lovers. 

Those who want to experiment with the specifications and the internal functions of the smartphone can opt for TCL 10 Pro, whereas, as usual, Apple iPhone SE is slightly more towards becoming a status symbol. 

It is propagating its use for a limited period and has an incessant need to charge the phone even when you are on the road or when you plan to play heavy games or apps online.

Our verdict?

TCL 10 Pro is definitely a stunning choice in the mid-range over the flashy, stylish, and a posh smartphone that is none other than Apple iPhone SE. Though it is a very close competition between the two. We already know that Apple never fails with its camera quality. But this time, TCL’s phone has something new to show to the world, breaking a stereotype for sure.