Teaching In Heaven - Suzhou And Hangzhou

Teaching In Heaven – Suzhou And Hangzhou

Teaching In Heaven - Suzhou And Hangzhou

When most people move to teach English in China, they often choose a location where they feel more comfortable. Research shows that many people move to the south of China because it’s close to Hong Kong and speak Cantonese there.

However, when moving to China, getting a full-time teaching job may help you acknowledge that places in East China offer a lavish lifestyle like the south. For example, Suzhou and Hangzhou are reputable cities with great schools and salaries, and therefore serve as great destinations for teaching.

This article focuses on why you’d want to teach English in Suzhou. It also gives you insight into why teaching in Hangzhou is a life-changing opportunity for many teachers.

Teaching In Suzhou And what to Expect

Suzhou, located at the mouth of the Yangtze River Delta, is a city that was first established in 514 B.C. as Leifang Commandery by Emperor Yu the Great of the Xia Empire. It was the former capital city of Wu during the Three Kingdoms period (220-280). It also served as an imperial metropolis of twelve dynasties and kingdoms in ancient China and as a commercial center of southern China for more than two thousand years. 

The city has had many names in different times in history, such as “Su,” “Ru,” and “Jiu,” which gave the city its current name, “Su Zhou.” Nowadays, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in China and worldwide.

One can enjoy everything from the local baths and parks to the beautiful mountains that border the city. The city is also a great place to live and work as an English teacher.

Teaching in Suzhou is fun and rewarding. Even though moving away from your motherland might be the most challenging thing to do, it is one of the best decisions you’ll make for your career. You’ll experience challenges such as culture shock and difficulty adapting to a new society, but they can all be adjusted in the right way.

Teaching In Hangzhou and What to Expect

Hangzhou lies on the southern bank of the Yangtze River, in between Ningbo and Suzhou. Its 740 square kilometers include fertile lowlands, rolling hills, valleys, lakes, and rivers. 

The history of Hangzhou goes back 5,000 years. It became known as a famous historical and cultural city half a century ago when it became the capital of the medieval Southern Song dynasty from 1127 to 1276 AD. It is now on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Teaching English in Hangzhou is life-changing as well. Not only do you experience a wide array of unforgettable adventures, but being a foreign teacher in this city allows you to experience new things every day and explore various cultures from all over the world. 

Hangzhou is a popular place for ESL schools to set up due to its proximity to Shanghai and relatively low cost of living. It’s also safe, clean, and modern.

Salary & Other Benefits of Teaching In Suzhou and Hangzhou

Teaching English in China is an excellent way to travel and earn money. It is an ideal place to teach English because there are many opportunities. First, it’s essential to know the salaries for teaching English in China may vary with location, type of school, qualifications, and experience. 

According to research, experienced teachers with a university degree could earn as much as 35000 yuan per month ($5200). And this is just a yearly salary! Part-time or short-term teachers could easily make between $20-30 dollars per hour, which would amount to around $2000-$3000+ per month. 

Other benefits include:

  • Beautiful tourists attractions
  • You get the opportunity to learn a new language
  • The diversity in Suzhou and Hangzhou allows you to experience different cultures
  • You get to expand your network by meeting new friends
  • Health insurance
  • Social security benefits

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why teaching in heaven is a great opportunity.


Suzhou and Hangzhou are lovely places and can provide excellent opportunities for foreigners who enjoy teaching Chinese locals and students. They both have a lot to offer in terms of tourism and culture, meaning you (and your students—if you choose to show them around) could have plenty of fun without spending much money.

Regardless of the city, you must remember the specific requirements to teach in China. Ensure that you have equipped yourself with the right tools, knowledge, and documents to make your transition to teach in Suzhou and Hangzhou as smooth as possible.