Teeth Whitening: All You Need To Know

There is no truer accessory than a megawatt smile. Your pearly whites carry a lot of responsibility for your overall appearance that you wish to project on to the world. Taking care of them should be a no – brainer. Unfortunately, your teeth are also subjected to a lot of daily abuse such as junk food, colored beverages, stress grinding and less than perfect hygiene routines. The result is often first detected in the gradual discoloration of your teeth. To be fair, teeth discoloration can also happen due to a variety of other factors such as medications, age and even as a symptom of certain diseases. And if you’re looking for professional help with this issue, call the Dentist in Shrewsbury.

Fortunately, with the progressive advancement of dental science, teeth whitening has now emerged as one of the most sought after the cosmetic dental procedure. You can simply search for “dentist office near me” to find high profile centers around you that offer teeth whitening treatments. The procedures are available for a range of budgets and duration of effect. Here is a quick look at all you need to know about teeth whitening procedures to opt for the best solution that fits your case.

Teeth Whitening

Types of teeth whitening procedures


The procedure mostly opts under careful supervision at a dentist’s office. You can expect faster results with this procedure where usually the teeth color is restored within a couple of hours. The budget is comparatively higher for this option.

Gels and customized teeth whitening trays

Different concentrations of whitening ingredients such as peroxide or bleach are used in gel form to help gradually restore the teeth color. The process is relatively less expensive but does take a few weeks to show results. Customized trays are prepared to perfectly fit your jaws. Gels in these trays need to be applied to the teeth for a few hours to overnight for a week or so to start seeing results.

Specialized whitening toothpaste

These are specially formulated toothpaste that might be prescribed or even be available over the counter. The regular use of these products helps in gradually removing surface stains thereby improving the overall appearance of your smile over time. There are comparatively very inexpensive.

Whitening strips for teeth

These strips are outfitted with various concentrations of teeth whitening ingredients and are usually available in most popular drugstores. You need to apply the strips to your teeth for a couple of hours to overnight for a few weeks to start seeing results in teeth color restoration.

Risk factors to consider for teeth whitening procedures

Increase in sensitivity in the tooth due to the destruction of the tooth enamel.

Irritation of the surrounding soft tissue and gums if the product is not applied correctly to the teeth.

There is also a chance that your teeth might just not react to the expected degree to any of the procedures causing a bit of dissatisfaction with the overall process.

You can avoid most of the associated risk factors if you start out the teeth whitening London procedures under strict professional supervision. So if you are still wondering whether to hit your search for the dentist’s office – think no more. Start your search to find a qualified professional and start your teeth-whitening journey right now!