Ten Countries With Human Rights Violations

Over the past few years, human rights violation has become a significant problem with countries having several communities and the rulers having a conflicting ideology. Sometimes it’s politicians who violate human rights, and sometimes it’s a group of communities causing the violations. Among all these countries here, we have listed the top 10 countries that have met extreme human rights violations.

01. US – In the year 2018, the amnesty accuser the government for developing hate among common people. Whether it’s t polarizing decision to ban particularly six Muslim countries from travelling to the USA or the country president for violating the US’s constitution. The court has allowed the ban to action, but the litigation turned out to be continuous.

02. Venezuela – Lately, Venezuela is facing a lot of human rights violations activity. President Nicolas Maduro has been commended for witnessing a significant human rights crisis in the country. This has affected the crisis-torn nation citizen who are struggling to meet daily food needs. The economy is going down rapidly, which is making the IMF struggle in the future. A report shows 75 % of Venezuelans are suffering from. Significant weight loss and unemployment.

03. Yemen – A continuous an armed conflict over the years has caused people to struggle for basic living needs. According to the UN, “this is the worst man made human-made crisis of our time.” The majority of the people are homeless, struggling for food and health support.

04. Turkey – Lately, the campaign group demarcated Turkey’s state of emergency, which is being continuous. The aftereffect of all these has led to human rights violation, which is not acceptable at any cost. Several incidents show the violation of human rights, which involves journalists, political activists, and also human rights defenders.

05. Syria – It is not yet unknown that Syria is going to immense human rights violation acts. A state of Catastrophic was is continuing in Syria, which is majorly caused by arm forces of the government. The involvement of other countries has been noticed, as well. The situation has got severe, and several attacks are occurring at regular intervals. Which makes the country a place of terror, and the common people are struggling for regular life.

06. Russia – Protesting in Russia has become a terrifying decision for the protestors. Even peaceful protesting has become severe. In 2017 before the presidential election, hundreds of peaceful protestors have been arrested in a short period. Even the campaign groups mentioned those who were arrested had to face immense torture. They have been beaten, intimidated, have faced arbitrary detention as well.

07. Saudi Arabia – A significant incident of forcefully detaining human rights defenders has been found in Saudi Arabia. The deputy crown prince is being accused of defending thousands of people with an allegation of a clampdown on corruption, which was never proved entirely. It is being said that the deputy crown prince is pushing through social and economic reforms for the sake of the kingdom.

08. Myanmar – A prominent case of human rights violation has been found in Myanmar. Reportedly the Rohingya Muslims are being targeted. This incident has been addressed as the “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” It is said that thousands of Rohingya committed crimes against humanity, which showed up in the neighboring region of Bangladesh. It is a prominent example of an extensive violation of human rights, which is the army committed.

09. EU Australia – A significant problem in the European Union and Australia has been found. In this case, the migrants or refugees were mistreated, which caused global headlines. It is reported that the refugees were not being treated as an ordinary human. They have been addressed as the “problems to be deflected.” This prominent action of human rights violations has been found in one of the rapidly developing countries like Australia.

10. China – When it comes to human rights violations, which can forget about China. Lately, the current president of China Xi Jinping has been enacted some significant threats for human rights in the country. In the event of a new policy direction during this ruling period, he has mentioned that party members’ supervision needs to be tightened for institutionalizing anti-corruption work. Other than that, the Chinese government backs up every movement happening in China.