Text to Binary is an essential tool for Computer Industry

If you search on the internet for technical tools, you would find a good option for almost every purpose. Whether you want to locate anti-virus, tax calculator, plagiarism checker or any other tool, you would find several alternatives. The data storage format of the computer is a key concept. How does the system store data? What kinds of conversions are performed? Do these calculations have to be completed manually? These are some core questions which you need to answer if you are learning about text to binary conversion.

The end to end procedure of text to binary conversion

We all use the computer for one purpose or the other. During our usage, we open documents, create text files, use coding compilers, web designing soft wares and numerous other formats. However, when it comes to the format in which data is stored on the memory, it is only done using the binary format. We can scan through an example to see how this procedure works.

  • Consider that you are a designer and have created a JPEG file. When you are done with the work, you would save the file. The format is an important aspect here. The data would not be stored in the memory in JPEG, GIF, TIFF or any other image format. This is simply because the system memory does not understand these formats. It understands and stores data in one format only. Thus, when you would save the image file, it would be saved in the memory in the form of zeroes and ones.

The conversion process through a technological tool

There is no point in adopting a complicated and lengthy option to reach a destination if an easier alternative is present. This is the scenario when the text to binary conversion is being performed. One way is that you should get proper command on the formulae and perform the conversions manually.  This means that you would be an expert at character binary codes and using the conversion formulae. A much easier alternative is using an online converter.

  • Anyone can do it

When you are selecting a tool to use, the first thing you need to check is whether you can use it or not. Some tools are complicated with hard to use features. You need time as well as technical knowledge to understand them. One can only start using the options when he has complete command on the features. At times, users do not have technical expertise and fail to understand tools but in case of a text to binary converter, anyone can use it. When you enter the data in text format in the input box, the corresponding binary code would be shown in the output box. In an overall manner, the process of conversion is very simple.

  • Doesn’t take long

Why do people use a word processing tool to check grammatical issues? One of the prime reasons is quickness. A human being would check one paragraph in fifteen minutes while an editing tool would complete the task in a much shorter while. Same is the case of using a text to binary converter. It is a very quick tool that converts text to binary format on immediate basis.

Importance of text to binary converter in the tech industry

The field of information technology is evolving at the speed of light. These days, we see the most advanced applications being developed to serve various business purposes. However, with the positives, there are certain negatives as well. For instance, the network security threats have increased. Here are some core uses of the text to binary converter. By viewing these uses, the importance of this tool can be understood clearly.

1.    Robust Network Security Applications

Information is transferred over the network in the form of data packets. If the network security infrastructure is not strong, highly confidential information can get into the wrong hands as well. To avoid this problem, the information is encoded and sent in the binary format. As the data is encrypted, it becomes hard to get illegitimate access. The text to binary converter comes in handy for developers working on network protection tools.

2.    Students studying computer science

The evolving computer science industry depends a lot on the graduates who pass out every year. One of the key topics taught on a professional scale is data storage and conversion. There is no point in developing advanced applications when you are not aware of the basics.

  • As a student, you would be working on various computer science assignments. At the initial level, a lot of them are on data conversion. If you have to convert several text statements to binary format, this free tool would come in handy for you. Once you have performed manual conversions, you can use this tool to confirm the answers.
  • This tool is free so students do not have to worry about financial payments. In addition to that, there are no limitations on the frequency of usage as well. You can perform as many conversions as you want. Using a tool is better if you have an assignment and time is running out. This tool is very helpful for students when they have to meet tight timelines.


There are several technical tools on the internet and each one of them has a different purpose. The text to binary tool is an amazing option for people who want to perform the conversion without using complex formulae. To use this tool, you simply have to enter the required text. As soon as you enter the text, it would be converted to binary format. The tool is online so an installation process is not needed.

This tool is a handy development for the computer industry particularly network security applications. In a lot of cases, confidential data has to be sent over a network. Sending the data in binary form makes it hard to decrypt the data if it gets into the wrong hands. This tool converts text to binary form in quick time. Thus, it is an amazing alternative for network security applications.