The Advantages of Invisalign Treatment for Adults & Teens

The first dental braces were created in 1728 by the French dentist Pierre Fauchard. They were made from iron and helped to extend the palate.

Today’s braces are significantly more advanced but their function remains effectively the same, the straightening of teeth. For some, this is to help them have the best possible cosmetic appearance. After all, we are all familiar with the Hollywood smile. But for many, realigning the teeth is about improving their bite and comfort. It can also improve confidence and life quality!

Of course, not all problems are captured and resolved when children are young. It is becoming increasingly popular for teens and adults to have braces. The traditional brace has small metal pieces attached to your teeth and wired together. This allows freedom of movement but the wire can gradually be pulled tighter to realign the teeth.

A good dentist, such as the Little Bay Invisalign dental practice, recognizes that these braces can be damaging to the confidence of teenagers and young adults. That’s why they prefer to use Invisalign.

What’s Invisalign?

It’s a brace. But, unlike the traditional brace, this is a clear brace, meaning that you’ll barely notice it is there. This is great for confidence and allows users to flash their smile without worry. But, there are several other benefits associated with Invisalign braces and even at-home only aligners.

  • Eating Normally

The Invisalign brace can be removed in less than a second by the wearer. This means you can eat any food you want. If it’s too sticky for the brace simply remove it and replace it later. Of course, it’s not recommended that you do this too much as it will take a lot longer to straighten your teeth. But, it is an option when needed.

  • Cleaning

Another great benefit of being able to remove the brace yourself is that you can clean your teeth properly and your brace. The Invisalign brace can be soaked to remove debris and kill all bacteria. You can brush and floss your teeth as normal, ensuring they are cleaning than when wearing a traditional brace.

  • Confidence

There is little doubt that a mouthful of metal makes you less willing to smile. You’ll be aware of your brace and prefer not to advertise it to the world. However, the Invisalign is virtually invisible. You can smile confidently in any situation. 

A lack of concern for your smile will make it easier for you to undertake a variety of challenges and continue an active social life.

With a traditional brace, it can seem like a good idea to step back temporarily. Unfortunately, this tends to have a long-term effect on confidence. You don’t get this issue with Invisalign.

  • Safer

There are no wires to break or pieces to come apart which means you need an emergency dental appointment. The Invisalign brace is incredibly simple and comes in one piece, it’s highly unlikely it will need any additional care other than the regular check-ups.