The Amazing way to enjoy your visit near Grand Central – A ready bucket list

Grand Central Terminal connects the present and past of New York City.

Grand Central Terminal is the famous transportation hub opened for the public since February 2, 1913, located in the Manhattan Island, New York City. Many names know it due to its rich heritage and glorified history. This landmark in Manhattan island of New York City is not just a transportation hub, but also a cultural destination hub as well as a dining destination having 60 shops and 35 places.

This transportation hub is one of the examples of magnificent architecture, and it’s also a hangout place for friends at the opal-faced Main Concourse Information Booth Clock.

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Here are the best ways to enjoy your trip near Grand central terminal




The zodiac ceiling features twelve constellations, and so how impressive it is to have such a divine limit with LED light. You can enjoy the view of the beautiful roof in grand central.

But, in the 1990s, when the restoration process took place, there was a brick found at the ceiling that was extreme black. Ever wondered what made it black? Let us tell you why. This black ceiling happened due to smoking. It was 70% nicotine and tar from a cigarette.




You must have heard in Hollywood movies “meet me at the clock!”

This is the clock they talk about. This clock works by the atomic clock as per U.S. Naval Observatory in Bethesda, Maryland. This information booth clock is so accurate that today’s market value for this information booth clock in the Grand Central Terminal is $20 million. This is the jewel of the grand central terminal, and one of the most romantic and calm places to meet.




Here, we have low ceramic arches that give an acoustic vibe, and you can have a peaceful time with your loved ones. Go and have a good time with a friend. This place is next to the Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant. After enjoying the view of the grand central, have a calm time at the whispering gallery.




A European style market in Grand Central Terminal receives about ten thousand visitors in a day. It features 123 vendors that impress all the locals and visitors in terms of food.

His market is 24 hours open and when you want to have yummy food. Go and enjoy the taste of the grand central market.




Adorned by the statues of Greek gods, the Tiffany Clock and Park Avenue viaduct is the second famous clock located in Grand Central. 

The tiffany clock and Park Avenue viaduct is the fourteen feet tall. It took seven years to construct this most significant example of Tiffany glass in the world.

You can enjoy a long walk along with the LED lightings that glorify this area.




Showcasing a 25-foot hand ceiling, the Campbell bar is a beautiful place with a stone fireplace and a century-old glass window.




The Grand Central Terminal has a lower tennis court and a fitness room in it. This club is accessible to the general public. You can enjoy your time playing tennis.


The Grand Central Terminal is the most visited landmark in Manhattan Island. 

From the start to the end, the Grand Central Terminal is full of iconic sculptures. The Grand Central Terminal has about 750,000 visitors per day. There are many things to explore in grand central, including clothing, jewelry and much more which are the areas of interest for the tourists. There are so many places for you to have perfect dinner time.