The Benefits of Accessing Online Education Master’s Programs

These days getting a promotion is harder with the growing size of the labor force. In addition, professionals face even stiffer competition when aiming for a promotion to managerial and executive positions. Why is that? Well, to avoid having to go through a lengthy evaluation process, most employers shortlist employees who are degree holders and select those being considered for promotion from that pool of talents.

As an employee, you will most certainly want to be in the running for career advancement. However, how will you be considered if you don’t have the degree to back you up? In such a case, moving ahead in your career or being propelled to the top means getting an additional degree and training. To many organizations, that means getting a master’s degree. 

A master’s degree is usually taken after you have completed an undergraduate degree, preferably a bachelor’s degree. On average, you will need 30 units or more, which translates to about one and a half to two years’ worth of schooling, to complete a master’s degree. However, various factors may affect your completion length. 

To achieve a master’s degree, you will need to pass a comprehensive exam and finish an exceptional thesis. Why is that? Well, the results of your exam and your thesis will demonstrate your mastery of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. What, though, it you are holding an extremely demanding or sensitive position and have very little hours left to attend a traditional school? In this case, getting a master’s degree online is worth considering.

Avoiding the Snare of Diploma Mills

Online education is the wave of the future. At the rate it’s going, it has shown much promise as it responds to the needs of many people – the physically disabled, the stay-at home-moms, and teen and single moms and dads. And as mentioned in the previous section, even career men and women like you benefit from online education when it’s time to climb the ladder of promotion. 

What’s more, getting an online degree is your best bet to avoid the snare of diploma mills. What is a diploma mill? You probably have come across an advertisement for one before. However, since such advertisements are cunningly presented, perhaps you thought it was a legitimate one for an online university.

In the simplest of explanations, a diploma mill or a degree mill is a bogus university selling college diplomas. It sells fake degrees, the piece of paper itself that bears your name and course, rather than the overall educational experience. It’s called a mill for a reason – it cranks out fake college diploma to anyone willing and able to shell out money for the necessary “tuition” amount, which can be anywhere from $500 to $2,500. 

Why would anyone want fake college degree? That’s the thing; most people get lured into buying the fraudulent degrees unknowingly because high-pressure sales people employed by diploma mills bombard them with aggressive phone calls and emails. They upsell their fake products as if those were the real deal, and unfortunately, many have been duped by their tactics. 

Go for the Real Thing

Now that you know what a diploma mill is, you can avoid its snare and go for the real thing instead. The last thing you want is to get conned into buying fake university diploma because it can get you in trouble. How so?

Diploma mills have been operating for decades, and their existence is no secret. The only way these con artists avoid prosecution is by frequently changing their state of operation, changing their brand or company name, or by relocating to states or foreign countries where educational laws are almost non-existent. 

Because of the widespread duplicity of diploma mills, many employers are aware of how they work. So, let’s say you have a fake college degree and you apply for one of these employers. Once they see that your degree is from a school that’s unheard of, they will immediately perform a background check on you. When they see that you’re presenting them with a fraudulent degree, your chances of scoring the job are shot. Worse, they can have you blacklisted.

So, rather than tarnish your reputation with fake university diploma, opt for online education instead. Not only will it allow you to advance in your career without getting your daily routine disrupted but an online education master’s program can help you keep your job and not suffer any financial loss. 

Benefits of Obtaining a Master’s Degree Online

If you are still not convinced that this is the best proactive step you can do for your career, consider these benefits of getting your master’s degree from an online school:

  • Online education is light on the pocket. In the face of the rising cost of education in traditional schools, more and more people are opting for alternatives. There are many high school graduates, in fact, who prefer to work first and save for their college education. The good news is that getting your degree from an accredited online school is cheaper. This also true for professionals who are dreaming of enrolling in a master’s program. If you have a family or kids to support, you stand to save a lot of money when you decide to enroll online instead.
  • Online education is flexible. If you are planning to enroll in a master’s program, chances are you have a demanding job to attend to or perhaps a family on the side to spend quality time with. In the midst of all these commitments, you may be wondering how else you can finish a master’s degree in a local university. If you are hell bent on getting that promotion being dangled to you by your boss, why not enroll in an accredited online school and program of study? Meanwhile, business owners who want to expand their horizons would find it convenient and beneficial to take an online MBA with specialization in entrepreneurship. This will help you earn the coveted degree that you can work on at your own pace and schedule. More importantly, you avoid the risk of settling for fake degrees.
  • Online education can help you advance in your career. It is common for people aiming for higher positions to aspire to want career advancement. This is because getting a master’s degree is the usual way of meeting the basic requirements for a higher post. This means a raise, bigger responsibilities and respect from the community. Getting your advance degree online can help you advance in your career without leaving work.
  • Companies benefit, too, as you do not need to leave work just to earn a master’s degree.  It is a common practice for proactive companies to identify employees with promising potentials and to send these people on further education or trainings to be their asset in the future. The good thing with online education is that, these employees need not take a leave from work anymore and the companies need not spend for salaries of these employees. This helps the companies save their resources as the employees can study and work at the same time. 

Something to Keep in Mind

It is worth noting that being enrolled in online education master’s programs is not like a walk in the park. Despite its growing popularity, you can be faced with some difficulty when seeking employment. You may find that you need to explain the legitimacy of your degree more.  There are also courses that will require many actual hands-on trainings such as dentistry and medicine and that need special arrangements with affiliated schools. Despite all these drawbacks, it is still good to know that there are other options available for people wanting to finish school or advance in their chosen career.

Where to Get a Legitimate Online Master’s Degree

There are plenty of online education providers, such as, from which you can obtain your online master’s degree. Unlike diploma mills that sell fake degrees, companies like Verifiable Degree offer degrees that are legal, have full accreditation with world-renowned universities, and verifiable with your chosen university. They are 100% that you can use them to apply for jobs in the government or even for senior positions in the company you work for!

A fake college degree will get you nowhere and will put your reputation on the line. As much as possible, you want to prevent that from happening. 

So, get a degree from accredited provider. They have consultants working as administrators or faculty in their partner universities. Compared to other providers and diploma mills that generate fake degrees, they know the system well and can provide you with utmost customer satisfaction.

Indeed, it is possible to get a real degree from a legitimate university. Moreover, you may do so minus the tedious coursework. There’s no need to study and no need to take exams. Getting a master’s degree online is the fastest way to equip yourself with a degree. Just imagine how much your life can change with that piece of paper. So, try it out now, and watch yourself start reaching for your dreams and actually realizing them. It’s never too late to get at it.