Thursday, October 6 , 2022

The Best Natural Way To Clear Your Lungs Of Nicotine and Tar


We are all aware that smoking is harmful to health and is often the main cause of cancer.

However, if you cannot quit smoking, there are several ways to clear the lungs from the tar and to reduce the risk of infections. Even though there is no magic formula that will cleanse the respiratory organs of nicotine, tar and other harmful ingredients of cigarettes, certain foods may help you a little to purify the lungs.

Maize is a food that contains beta cryptoxanthin, which is believed that can protect lung cancer, because it is a powerful antioxidant. However, consume only fresh corn.

Selenium is very powerful antioxidant too. Brazil nuts are the best source of selenium in food, and it is good to eat grains as well.

The onion is also a good lungs cleanser. Onion can be of great help to prevent many diseases, including lung infections. In cases of people who already have cancer, it prevents the growth of new cells.

Ginger, as a natural medicine and food, helps in the defense against malignant diseases. It is another strong tool for the release of toxins from the lungs. You can consume the tea of ​​ginger root, since it facilitates breathing. Also, you can consume a piece of ginger can consume with meals.

Oranges contain cryptoxanthin which has a preventive effect against lung cancer.

Nettle is a plant full of iron, but it is also very useful as a means of disinfection of lungs and has an important role in the fight against infections.

Tea of pine needles is traditionally used for rinsing the mouth and throat, but can also be a good ally in the fight against lung cancer.