The Best Ways to Make Traveling More Comfortable

Sightseeing is breathtaking as well as relaxing. Visit as many places as you can, for as long as you can. Experience the cultures of the world as you mingle with the people, for this is the best way you will gain memories to cherish forever. Travelling can prove quite cumbersome if you are not well prepared. To get through your journey, here are some tips to follow during your next travels.

Dress Comfortably

As you traverse different places, ideally you would like to be at ease the whole journey. You should avoid tight-fitting clothes because they restrict movement. Moreover, clothes made of wool and those with tags that scratch your skin should not be worn. Get that loose fitting t-shirt and those sweatpants out from the bottom of your wardrobe and put them on. 

Avoid stuffing your pockets with an unnecessary items. Instead, bring a small bag to keep all the essentials in place. 

The Right Shoes Matters

Journeys tend to make your feet swell. To curtail this, you should wear comfortable footwear such as sandals so that your feet can get some breathing space. The improved circulation on your feet ensures that not only are you comfy, but also, the sandals can be slipped off at any time in case you would like to stretch out and wiggle your toes. Ditch your sneakers, free your toes.

Tune Out Your Surroundings

Some people are as quiet as a church-mouse while others are chatterboxes. You might want to talk to fellow travelers, but sometimes you would like to tune out your surroundings and relax. How exactly can you zone out your surroundings? With the right set of earplugs, this is totally possible. Enjoy a few minutes of slumber as you get to the next destination.

Listen to Music

As humans, we experience bouts of anxiety and stress. Anxiety attacks are as frequent as bathroom breaks are to toddlers. If new places make you feel anxious create a soothing playlist that will help keep you keep calm and relaxed as you travel. A good pair of headphones in your small bag are also a necessity. 

Belt Up

Safety first is the rule of thumb. You want to make sure you get to your destination in one piece. Having your seatbelt fastened is the surest way to avoid getting injured. Before your journey begins, ensure you carry out a safety check on yourself and your loved ones.

Easy and Fast Cleaning

Germs are everywhere. Solutions to tackle pathogens are at our disposal. We are lucky to have anti-bacterial wipes that we can use to clean hands and surfaces efficiently. Make sure to pack a set of wipes into your travel bag for when you need them. 


Do you get random hunger pangs even after you just ate? Do you need a quick-fix for your low blood sugar? Would you like to replenish your energy levels? Carry some light snacks for whenever those moments hit you. 

Some Water, Please

Sugar is almost every being’s weakness, and so is caffeine. They are the guilty pleasures we engage in. As you travel, it would prove wise that you avoid sugar, caffeine, and embrace drinking water. Drinking plenty of water will help replenish energy levels and keep you feeling hydrated. Not only are your organs thanking you, but your digestion also gets more manageable; that is what you would call a win-win situation.

A Neck-Pillow

Long journeys can prove to strain your neck because you’ll be sitting for many hours. A soft pillow could fix this. Get into that comfortable spot, leaning on your neck pillow, as you peruse through a book or magazine. Adjust if necessary. 

Charge Your Devices

In this digital age, maps of cities are at the touch of our hands. Our phones help us navigate through new places because we might be skeptical about asking strangers for directions. Your phone is trivial, as you might be communicating with a travel companion about where you are meeting up. Carry both a power bank and a charger to charge your gadgets at your convenience.

Carry a Book 

How often do you promise yourself that you will read that book at the back of your shelf and not carry through with it? Pick a book to help you pass the time as you move from place to place. To motivate yourself, put some treats at the end of each chapter. This could be a bar of chocolate or a store gift card.

Pick a Comfortable Seat

In whichever mode of transport, ideally you would like very minimal disturbances as you get from place to place. Aisle seats cause people to brush past you, the back has you looking at everyone’s heads, while the very front has you staring at a blank wall sometimes. A seat by the window would prove convenient for napping, while for a tall person, a seat by the aisle would be crucial as they will be able to stretch their legs.

Be Courteous

Politeness goes a long way to help both you and your seatmate get along with each other. Some practices include checking if the person behind your seat is okay with you reclining your seat. Also, do not hog an arm-rest. Share your space.

Hygiene Is Key

Stinky breath, EEK! As you travel, it’s important to stay refreshed. After meals, rinse your mouth with some mouthwash to freshen up your breath. In addition to that, you can wash your face and freshen up with some wet wipes. These are simple habits that will help both you and your neighbour travel harmoniously. 

Eye Mask

Catching little naps is essential to replenishing energy levels. You might be worn out after a day of hustling and bustling through multitudes of people. Rest is all you need, but the sun’s rays could turn out to be a bit annoying. Carry a sleeping mask with you. You’ll be sure to get adequate sleep. 

Positive Mindset

Optimism is necessary. Positive thoughts get you through stressful situations or those that give you anxiety, so think positively. 


Travelling is as comfortable as you make it. Avoid overthinking when making simple choices and be prepared. Natural is the way to go.


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