The Best Wireless Car Charger and B For 2020

A wireless car charger is a great device to get for your iPhone or Android phone. Once you mount it inside your car, you’ll be assured that there’s sufficient juice for your device throughout. Whether you’re heading to work or just in transit, you can be confident having this gadget.

We spend practically most of the time with our phones. Thus, having sufficient charge to take you through the day is convenient. You can save yourself from the occasional hustle of borrowing a charger at the office.

In addition, you can evade a low battery shutdown when you need your phone most. Have you ever imagined being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no phone power? That’s what you get when you don’t have a juiced up phone. Here’s a guide to getting the best wireless car charger for your phone.

Ultimate Wireless Car Charger by Fiora

This is a 3-in-1 wireless car charger from the popular brand Fiora. You can easily mount it on your dashboard and have your phone charging on the go. It also has a video dash cam, which makes it even better for surveillance.

This wireless car charger supports all types of devices that can work with wireless charging provision. Thus, you can boost both your phones and even tablets or iPads. The charger utilizes wireless charging technology and has a fast charging provision. You can juice up your device within a short time when you’re in a hurry.

Most chargers that use cables nowadays are slow and will eat up most of your time. This, of course, is in addition to the annoying tangling effect. This wireless car charger aims to deliver efficient, quality and incredible charging speeds.

With this device, the days of looking for intertwined cables are over. You can simply drop it and charge it.

IOttie Auto Sense Wireless Car Charger

The iOttie auto sense, from its name, clamps automatically. You can get in both the vent clip and dashboard mount version. It’s a well-designed telescopic arm and the fact that it’s compatible with most devices makes it a preferable choice for a wireless car charger.

It even has a USB cigarette lighter adapter. Another impressive advantage with this wireless car charger is the speed it juices up devices. For iPhones, you can get up to 7.5 watts charging, while Android devices get 10 watts charging.

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

ZeeHoo has most, if not all, of the features you would want in a wireless car charger. This includes auto clamping, which most chargers don’t have. It equally has a safe suction cup and USB-C. Its 10 watt fast charging for Android devices ensures that your phone is always full faster. For iPhones, the fast charging cap is 7.5 watts.

Though it may not be as sleek as iOttie, it still looks great for the money. It costs less to purchase it compared to other top branded chargers. Interestingly  enough, it also comes with all of the amazing features you would envy on a typical wireless car charger. It even has a cigarette lighter adapter.

ZeeHoo is one of the most popular generic wireless chargers, which is ideal for those who don’t mind going with a no-name brand. It mostly comes with both the mount for the dashboard and the air vent mount. However, it’s important that you note that getting the fast charging feature requires a power adapter that’s not included in the packaging. However, you can confirm this in your package first before buying, as some retailers will include one for you.

X-Doria Defense Helix Wireless Car Charger

Yet another impressive charger to buy is the one right here. It has high-end features and will most likely attract you to purchase it. For starters, it has robotic arms powered by RoboGrip technology.

Just by touching a button, you can remove it from the charging point. This causes the arms to open wide so that you can take your phone off the wireless car charger. It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

It comes with an air vent mount for those who find this location convenient. It also comes with a USB-C cable and a dual power adapter. The dual adapter has two USB-A ports. For those interested in fast charging, it powers an Android device at 10 watts and an iPhone at 7.5 watts.

Despite the durable and attractive construction of the X-Doria wireless car charger, it’s not as expensive as other brands in the market. You can get one with all of these amazing features on a budget. The only downside with it, as noted by a few users, is the fact that it can drop when placed on the air vent. This is especially the case when you go over bumpy terrain.

Final Thoughts

Outside of the wireless car chargers above, you’re at liberty to choose the one that best-suits your needs. As you already know, there are different varieties available, but only a few you can rely on. Thus, always be on the lookout for the best wireless car charger.