The Finest Beaches near Bangalore That Often Remain Unvisited

The silicone city of India, Bangalore is known for its wildlife sanctuaries and waterfalls. Though not a coastal city, there are a number of beaches near Bangalore which exhibit Mother Nature’s bounty in its own. If you drive to Mangalore, which is situated on the western margin of the state, you will have a number of picturesque beaches to explore.

  1. Karwar beach

Karwar beach

The beach at Karnataka is splendid in its own way. Actually, there are five beaches in the Karwar area. The Devbag beach is the most spectacular of all of them.

Eminent personalities like Rabindranath Tagore have praised the beauty of this beach. You can include Karwar beach in your itinerary when you are holidaying in Goa. Goa airport is just 60 miles away. It takes just a couple of hours to drive from them to reach there.  Karwar/ Shirwad is the nearest railway station. You can enjoy a number of beach activities like diving and snorkeling on the beach. The Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is also about 175 kilometers away from the beach. If you plan to stay there for a couple of days, then make sure to pay a visit there.

  1. Kudle Beach

Kudle Beach

Though not the nearest beach to Bangalore, you can reach the Kudle beach in Gokarna via train. It takes about 16 hours to reach there. And it is just the type of beach that you would like to spend your weekends. The waves are not aggressive, and the sand is soft. So, your children can happily play there, with no fear of developing scratches on the skin. Relatively fewer crowds make the beach cleaner. Also, the beach-side restaurants take care of the hunger pangs that you might feel while having a family stroll. However, the place has minimal beach side lights. This means that you would preferably wind up after the sun has set.

  1. Panambur Beach

Panambur Beach

It takes about 7 hours to reach the Panambur beach, which is near Mangalore. When it comes to having a fun-filled and activity-rich weekend, Panambur is the answer. Enjoy the camel rides with children, hit back to the childhood days by licking the ice golas made from natural fruit syrups, enjoy dolphin viewing, jet-ski rides, as well as boating, or nibble in some quick bites from the beach side food stalls. The beach has provisions for night-stay, get-together, parties, conferences, events, and weddings. A number of trained professionals and volunteers are there to look after the safety and security needs of the visitors. The beach management is also constructing 20 eco-friendly shacks for the visitors. The beach is less crowded and quite clean. However, the weekends can be busy.

  1. Surathkal Beach

Surathkal Beach. Image source

If you are looking for beaches near Bangalore, then Suratkal Beach is another spot to include in your itinerary. It is located just about 7.6 kilometers away from the Panambur beach, and 19 kilometers away from Mangalore. This beach is famous for the majestic sunset views that it has to offer to the spectators. It has a picturesque hillock by its side, which has a beautiful Shiva temple nestled on it.

  1. Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach

It is just 10 kilometers away from the Udupi station, which is near to Mangalore. This sandy beach is popular for the boat excursion to the St Mary’s island, which can be availed from there. The beautiful Sri Krishna Matha is also worth a visit. There is ample water sports option for the adults, as well as for the children. For example, you can choose from Ringo Ride, Banana Ride, Jetski bike, sea surfing under expert supervision, kayaking, and many more. Your children would also enjoy having a horse ride by the beach side.

  1. Om Beach

Om Beach

Justifying its name, the beach resembles the sign of OM, the supreme power. Two semi-crescent rocks join to resemble the symbol. This is how it has got its name. The beach, set in the midst of lush greenery, gives unbeatable experience to those looking for some serene hours. Enjoy sitting under a shady tree and gazing at the waves and fishing boats. You can visit here at any time of the day. The clean beach is the home to some standard cafes that cater to your good food craving. Located in Gokarna, this is not the nearest beach to Bangalore. Yet, many hundreds of people from the city pour into the beach to enjoy their weekends. You can perform a number of engaging beach activities there. These include paragliding, boating, rafting, and many more. You can also hire a boat and have a round trip to the nearby beaches. They include the Half-Moon beach, Paradise beach, Tadadi, and others. Make sure to bargain with the service providers, especially when you are visiting there in the peak season.