The Five Most Common Causes of Brain Injuries in 2019

When the head receives a blow, bump or jolt, a person might sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The same is true when something penetrates the skull and interferes with the normal functioning of the brain. Although many bumps and jolts don’t result in injury, a traumatic brain injury might be mild and the person doesn’t realize they have symptoms. For this reason, every person needs to know the signs and symptoms of a TBI and what to do when they have this type of injury. (TBI)

Automobile Accidents

When two vehicles collide, they stop suddenly but the occupants continue to move. This is one of the basic laws of physics and helps to explain why traumatic brain injuries may be seen in a motor vehicle accident. The brain comes into contact with a part of the car and sustains the injury. Whiplash can also lead to an injury of this type, and any person involved in an automobile accident should be examined by a doctor to determine if there is hidden damage the victim may be unaware of at the time of the incident. Read more on Frekhtman & Associates about this common cause of brain injuries.


A lack of oxygen to the brain often leads to brain injury. This depends in part on the amount of time the individual was without oxygen. In many cases, this type of injury is seen in drowning patients who were revived. Nevertheless, a stroke or another medical emergency could deprive a person of oxygen as well. Any time a person is without oxygen, a complete physical exam should be completed to determine the cause and the extent of any injuries.

Sports Injuries

Much has been made of the NFL and its lack of attention when it came to players with concussions in the past. The player would be encouraged to put his helmet back on and get out on the field. Today, the sport takes this type of injury seriously, but several others do not. A traumatic brain injury may be seen in any sport, including hockey, soccer, skateboarding, baseball and more.


A person who is the victim of a violent crime could suffer from a traumatic brain injury. Many people think of a gunshot wound in this situation, but a blow to the head can lead to a portion of the skull breaking off and piercing the brain. Furthermore, someone who is knocked down may hit their head and sustain a brain injury. Victims of domestic violence or child abuse might also present with an injury of this type, but numerous other types of violence often lead to the brain being harmed. For example, the shaken baby syndrome can lead to a brain injury, and anyone with symptoms of this type of injury should be seen by a doctor immediately.


The CDC reports falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury. A person does not need to fall from a great height to injure the brain, as someone slipping on a wet floor could collide with the floor violently and suffer an injury of this kind. The elderly may fall out of bed and find this is enough to damage the brain, or a healthy child might slip on ice during the winter and be hurt as a result.

Millions of people visit the emergency room every year for a traumatic brain injury. Many of these are children. If you or a loved one has suffered any type of injury to the head, a medical professional needs to be seen. It’s best to have the person checked to know exactly what you are dealing with.