Thursday, September 29 , 2022

The Importance of the Sewing Machine

The sewing machine is one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind. English inventor Thomas Saint created the first concept of such as invention in 1790, but unfortunately was not made aware to the public about his design. Many speculated that he had created a fully functioning sewing machine, but there was no evidence of him having one in his possession.

A few decades passed and a man by the name of Elias Howe invented the first American sewing machine on September 10, 1846. His machine was primarily used for making blankets and clothing. This sewing method saved an incredible amount of time and was more practical in a factory. To this day, sewing machines are still in use by factories and cloth alteration businesses.

The sewing machine may seem difficult to use, but in reality, it is very easy to use. Before turning on your sewing machine, make sure to place it on a stable surface, and adjust the height to where you feel comfortable. Start by putting the spool on the bobbin winder. Guide the thread around the bobbin. The thread will then fill the spool. There are many options when choosing the pattern that will be sewn onto your fabric. Patterns such as the overlock and zig-zag stitch are great examples of what the sewing machine is capable of.

There are numerous models of sewing machines in the market that are offered to the public. There are mechanical, electronic, embroidery, and even automated sewing machines to choose from. A great example of a good sewing machine would be the Brother Project RunwayMuVit. This electronic model type is a great example of what a sewing machine should be. It is very reliable with features such as an Advanced easy needle threading system,110 built-in stitch patterns, and jam-resistant Quick-Set drop-in top bobbin.

At first you may not think these machines need a lot of maintenance and cleaning, but in reality; these machines are very delicate and need to be cleaned once a week if used frequently. They are prone to get tarnished with dirt, lint, and even develop mold if not properly cleaned. To combat this, cleaning materials such as cleaning wipes, small makeup brushes, screwdriver for removing the needle and stitch plate screws and if possible a small vacuum cleaner are very useful for reaching in tight spaces.

More often than not, your sewing machine will come with a guide explaining how to clean your specific model type. Most of the time it will be similar on how to clean your sewing machine, reading the entire manual and learning from it will be most beneficial as it will allow you to understand the inner structure of your sewing machine.

Sewing machines have been important for most of my life because they have saved me from numerous situations that could’ve turned into a disaster if not for the ingenious creation known as the sewing machine. On many occasions, an individual wearing a suit or something as specific as a sweater would just want to make a minor alteration to their clothing piece to feel as comfortable as

When we think about it, we start to realize how much more we should appreciate our sewing machines. You may not realize it now, but next time you have a formal event and make even the smallest alteration; you’ll know.