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The Jewelry Industry Is Back On Track After A Challenging Year

Jewelry Industry
Approximately 82% of professionals from the jewelry industry are feeling optimistic about the state of the industry, following slow sales in the first two years of the pandemic—according to the Jewelry Industry Confidence Index Report. The cancellation of 70% of weddings in 2020 was a big blow to the sector, as were lockdowns and reticence on the part of the consumers to part with hard-earned savings. Things are on the up, though, with wedding organizers and venues reporting a boom in the number of bookings. The jewelry industry has also risen to the demand for digital sales and in the end, even the biggest challenges do not stand in the way of the human need to celebrate special moments in relationships through jewelry. The report sees three major trends dominating the industry. Read to discover what they are.

Alternative Engagement Rings Rule

The buzzword in wedding and engagement rings, says the report, is personalization. While classic styles like a halo, three-stone, and pear-shaped solitaire engagement rings will always be big, buyers these days are more interested in rings that express their personal sartorial tastes. For instance, plain wedding bands are being replaced by paving studded ones, simple solitaires are being jazzed up with a little sparkle on the ring band, and classic styles like halos are being given a touch of artistry with twisted bands. It’s all about wearing pieces that you would actually buy even if you weren’t necessarily getting engaged or married.

Layering It Up

The penchant for layering exploded in 2021, with fashionistas sporting heavily layered necklaces and bracelets as well. The key, says the Report, is embracing one’s personal sense of style by mixing and matching various pieces. To get this look right, opt for necklaces with different lengths—including those with 16-, 18-, and 20- or 24-inch chains. Feel free to mix silver or white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold pieces, whether they are fine, demi-fine, or costume pieces. Play with textures and materials, wearing snake chains with larger chains (both round and rectangular), and pendant necklaces with pearls, diamonds, or colored gemstones. For wristwear, mix and match chain and bangle-style bracelets, adding a sophisticated diamond tennis bracelet if possible.

Stacked Rings

Closely related to the layering trend is stacked rings. Think delicate pave bands with thick yellow gold bands, rings in mixed metals, matte and shiny, and flat and beaded pieces. Diamonds, says the Report, remain a firm favorite, and nowhere do they shine brighter than on your fingers. When stacking, don’t limit yourself to one finger. Create a unique look with diamond-lined thumb and pinkie rings. Stop your engagement solitaire from feeling lonely by stacking it with bands in mixed metals, pearls, and other gemstones. When stacking and layering, don’t worry about being OTT. Check out influencers like Chiara Ferragni to see how layers on the fingers, wrists, and neck work well together, creating a boho-chic vibe with a decidedly urban feel.
The Jewelry Industry Confidence Index Report indicates that the industry is on the mend after a challenging couple of years. The three top trends are alternative engagement rings, layering, and stacked rings. Diamonds are still the number one most coveted gemstone, but if you have a smaller budget, add a little color to your look with gemstones like sapphires in bright pink, blue, and green.