Tuesday, November 29 , 2022

The Legendary Gem-Emerald

Emerald is one of the “Four Great Luxury Gems” recognized by the international jewelry industry. It has the reputation of “the rare treasure” and is known as the “king of beryl” because of its unique green color. Emerald is also regarded as the birthstone of May, symbolizing happiness, and is a commemorative gem for the 55th anniversary of marriage.

The testimony of love. Emerald has witnessed many love stories, such as Queen Victoria, Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor… These emerald jewels from the lover are more fascinating because of their love. As an ancient gem (with 6,000 years of history), emerald also symbolizes kindness, confidence, happiness and luck. It is said that wearing it can bring people a lifetime of peace, so it is very popular among people. Emeralds have become inextricably linked with stars, and emeralds have become more glamorous and fascinating. Almost every big event on the red carpet involves a big name- emerald, which is elegant and luxurious, and is the most eye-catching on the red carpet. The emerald-inlaid crown is absolutely full of aristocrat temperament. This crown is set with 11 extremely rare Colombian pear-shaped emeralds weighing a total of 500 carats. In 2011, this crown finally won the world record at a price of 8.39 million euros.

The appearance of emerald is out of the ordinary, it is also a favorite of the ladies and nobles, and its price is rising. What is its charm? Here are something you have to know about the emerald.

The origin of highest quality emerald – the Colombian. The distribution of emeralds is not unique and can be found in many countries. The first emerald mine discovered and mined in the world is the Cleopatra deposit in Egypt. But the real large-scale mining was in Colombia, South America, in 1537, which produced the highest production and the best quality, accounting for 80% of the world’s total production, about 2 million carats of emerald raw materials. One of the most famous mining areas, “Muzo”, produces high-quality emeralds of a deep and brilliant blue hue, and the gemologist will refer to the emerald that reaches this color level as “Muzo Green”. The closer it get to the color, the more expensive it is. In addition, Zambia in Africa, Zimbabwe; Australia; Brazil in South America and other countries and regions have production, but the quality can not be compared with Colombian emerald.

Rare: one of the 5 millionth miracle. Colored gemstone producer Gemfield is one of the most advanced, powerful and experienced mining companies in the world. According to its experience, it is believed that every 5 million carats of ore can be mined, 1 carat emerald is produced. A worker at the Chival mine in Colombia says emeralds are so rare that most emeralds end up cutting only about 0.5 carats, and more than 2 carats are rare.

The most important criterion for judging the quality of emerald – color. The green color of emerald mother’s monogram ring determines its value. Too light or too deep is not a good product. Medium green and beautiful luster are called the best. The chromaticity is rich and vivid, and the tone is medium to medium deep. Good transparency and even color distribution. Even a slight chromatic aberration will have a huge impact on prices. It is generally believed that the emeralds produced in Colombia’s most famous Muzo mining area and the Chival mining area will be slightly blue. This is considered to be the best quality emerald gem. If it also has good clarity, then it is really the best.

The least demanding element – 100% pure. Although the more clear the more precious, but natural colored gemstones will not be 100% pure, impurities and cracks are the characteristics of all natural gemstones. There is a saying: “Nine of ten gemstones have cracks “, colored gemstones are mainly based on their own color, and the requirements for purity cannot be equated with the criteria for diamond evaluation. And the good inclusions cheap personalized jewelry rings do not diminish the value of an emerald, but also score points for it! The emerald’s inclusions, fissures, or cracks are numerous and complex, and people are poetically called it “garden gemstones.” The emerald, known as the garden, has many green tiny plant-like inclusions, a feature that proves that gemstones are a natural basis.

The body is pretty expensive – the difficulty of mining and cutting. Although the good hardness of emerald can prevent serious scratches on its surface, it is still difficult to mine and cut. Even for a professional gem cutter, cutting emeralds is challenging, because the emerald raw gemstone is not only extremely expensive, but also contains a lot of inclusions, so only skilled craftsmen can take on these tasks. This adds some weight to the value of the emerald. The best cutting method for emeralds – “Emerald Cutting”. In the emeralds we have seen, it seems that most of the shapes are rectangular, which is the best way to cut emeralds. This type of cutting can also be called the trapezoidal cutting method, because it expands one by one from the bottom, giving a echelonment feel. This cutting method allows the emerald pavilion to add more facets, reflecting the different directions of light to make it more dazzling.

Here are some emerald maintenance tips to share with you:
1. Keep away from hard or sharp things when wearing emeralds, and store them separately when not wearing them.
2. Emeralds should not be in a high temperature environment, it should not stay in a smoky place for a long time, so try to avoid wearing when stir-frying and cooking.
3. Do not use ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning.
4. Clean with clean water and store in a soft and clean environment after wiping with soft cloth.
Emerald is a symbol of power and identity. It has the innate elegance and luxury. As man entrusts a gem to his emotions, they convey the words of emerald gems—power, hope, and happiness. A bright and green emerald is enough to add a charming and elegant temperament.