Thursday, September 29 , 2022

The Maintenance Tips Of Representative Gems

The hardness of malachite is only 3.5. It can be seen that malachite has poor toughness, is very fragile, and easily broken. Not to mention falling heavily on the ground, even harder items hit and malachite may be damaged.

In daily life, due to the delicate physical nature of malachite, it is not recommended to stack malachite cheap custom name necklace (click getname necklace) and other jewelry to avoid irreparable harm to malachite.

Summary • Maintenance of jadeite jade:

The best “conservation” of jadeite jade is often worn.No matter which part of the body you wear, it will be nourished by your body’s nutrients, making them more moisturized, transparency improved. Of course, long-term wearing does not mean to ignore it. If it is dirty, it is also important to wash it with water in a timely manner.

The hardness of the diamond itself is very high, and unless it is scratched with a diamond monogram ring, it is difficult to break. That being said, diamonds still need your care, as they can easily become stained with grease. Diamonds are lipophilic substances. Avoid wearing oily substances when wearing them, such as cooking or washing dishes.

Once there is greasy, the diamond’s fire will not look very dazzling. Grease can also make the diamond look yellowish, and people who don’t know it will think it is of poor quality. Therefore, it must be cleaned in time to remove oil and dirt.

Once a week, soak diamonds in household cleaners (such as dishwashing liquid) containing ammonia. The next morning, take out the diamond name bracelet and use a clean and soft toothbrush to scrub the surface and gaps. (A special soft toothbrush for cleaning diamonds is required).

Jewelry that are too delicate may not be suitable for toothbrushes. They need to be treated more gently, such as very soft brushes, to prevent the setting from becoming loose. After maintenance, they should be regularly sent to a jewelry store for inspection and reinforcement.

Although solid gold name necklace (getname. necklace) and silver jewelry is relatively stable in chemical properties, it will still be corroded when encountering certain specific chemical components. For example, the cosmetics and perfumes we usually use contain some lead and mercury. This substance has a serious corrosive effect on the surface of gold and silver.

Summary • Maintenance of diamond gold and silver:

Clean diamonds, gold and monogram silver necklace, and other complex jewellery. The place is very important. Do not choose to be near the sink, otherwise, the gem will fall and it will be troublesome. Spread as many rubber mats as possible and maintain them in an open environment. The supplies for washing them can be specialized brands, and the appliances must conform to their weak bodies, so as to avoid damage due to maintenance.