Thursday, August 5 , 2021

    The Miracle Drink That Treats Arthritis, Relieves Pain & Inflammation


    People who suffer from a number of ailments are finding relief in consuming natural ingredients as remedies. Studies have found that consumption of certain foods reduces the risk of many illnesses as well as boost the immune system of the patient. Arthritis is one of the ailments that is commonly treated with natural food and ingredients such as turmeric.

    Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory that is commonly used for conditions such as cystic fibrosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and arthritis. Turmeric is available in tincture, fluid extract, or in powder filled capsules. For this ingredient to be effective, the sufferer will need to consume one of these dosages.

    • 1 – 3 g per day-dried, powdered root
    • 30 – 90 drops a day-fluid extract(1:1)
    • 15 – 30 drops, 4 times per day-Tincture (1:2)
    • 1.5 – 3 g per day-cut root
    • 400 – 600 mg, 3 times per day-standardized powder (curcumin)

    This highly health beneficial ingredient can be easily integrated into an arthritis sufferer’s daily regime with one of these variations of the ingredient.

    Turmeric is very effective as an ingredient in other applications such as health focused drinks. Juices are simple and easy to make with a long list of health benefits for the arthritis sufferer. One great tasting recipe for people looking to reduce inflammation in the body contains turmeric and seven other ingredients. Mixed together they create a great tasting way to reduce inflammation due to arthritis.


    • 4 to 5 inches of a turmeric root
    • 2 to 3 inches of a ginger root
    • one orange
    • two lemons
    • one cucumber
    • five carrots
    • 1 Tbsp. holy basil powder (if using fresh, use two Tbsp.)
    • 1/4 tsp. powdered cayenne pepper


    In a juicing machine or blender, juice the ginger, carrots, turmeric, orange, lemons, and cucumber. Add in the cayenne powder and holy basil (powder or fresh). Give the ingredients a final mix in the machine until all are incorporated together. Pour into individual glasses and enjoy.

    The benefits that the arthritis sufferer will experience as a result of this drink include:

    reduced inflammation
    more energy
    weight loss
    fights additional diseases
    easy to add to a daily routine

    The miracle ingredient Turmeric has been shown to be anti-inflammatory and beneficial to the patients who add it to their diets for a number of reasons. This natural ingredient is an easy way to add health benefits to a diet while decreasing the inflammation that is commonly associated with arthritis.

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