Thursday, September 29 , 2022

The Right Shower Head

Shower Head

While a comfortable Jacuzzi Bath tub might be your first pick for a luxury bathroom, but luxury baths aren’t always the best choice for families having young children or the Elderly. Considering factors like safety and accessibility you Might be persuaded for a Shower instead. In addition to this, showers take up less space as compared to bath tubs and a quick bath is much more energy efficient as compared to a bath.

Besides, on a tough day what could be better than a quick refreshing shower.

Once you’ve made up your mind about installing a shower in your bathroom, the next step would probably be to know what kinds of shower heads you could choose from.Also must invest your money in good bathroom accessories so that you never face any leakage issues in 2 way shower diverter valve, vacuum breaker valve etc.

There are variations in the shower category that you could survey when it comes to the right kind of Shower head for you.

1.The handheld shower:

This is a shower head that is detachable from its fixed position. This can be convenient for you on a particularly lazy day, you won’t have to move much to scrub the soap of your body.  It is also an appropriate safety measure for your elderly or a disabled person so that they may experience no injuries. People with pets like to install Handheld showers because it is more suitable.


2.Overhead shower

While a handheld shower head would need to be held at all times, an overhead shower will be more uniform with the water flow. Overhead showers or ceiling mount showers are directly fitted into the walls. It gives your bath a more contemporary look although it might raise the installation costs.


3.Rain System:

If the installation prices of the Ceiling mount shower do not fit your budget then a good substitute for is the trendy  rain shower head . This kind of shower has a large diameter to increase the surface of water flow so that no part of your body will be left dry even if you stand still. A rainfall shower head also maintains a low water pressure therefore conserving water.

Rain System

4. Single Spray:

If you’re not looking to go fancy with your showers a traditional single spray is probably your cup of tea. The budget friendly showerhead delivers a single spray pattern. The pressure can be made to adjust with the shower nob. Not as exciting but it can still provide you with a good shower.

Single Spray

5.Body Spray Shower Pannel:

Body spray shower panels are the latest innovation. It features a number of ‘Jets’ installed directly in the walls to provide adjustable angle of water flow to target particular areas. It is known for it’s massaging effect. The different nozzles target specific pressure points In your stressed muscles providing relief from muscle pain or minor injury. They can be installed for an entire bathroom renovation and can be quite costly.

Spray shower Systeem

6. Sliding Bar Shower:

One of the most popular choices for families is the sliding bar shower. The shower head can be adjusted at different heights. This has made it easier for children’s use.


You Can choose the world’s best and luxurious bathroom item from the market but you can’t control the quality of the water that supplies for the showerhead by outsourcing. This phenomenical problem can solve that if you used the best shower filter for your luxurious bathroom.